Another fight set...

Fanman.exe logging in>>>>>>

Fanman walked out of the tornado he always appeared in. He was eager to test out his new guard chip against a horde of viruses. He had just been in Electown net and logged out so he could recover his health. He wandered around the area in search of viruses, but he wasn't just out to test his knew chip. He was out to earn money. He knew(like every navi did) viruses held on to zenny data that he could take and buy chips with. He needed the chips, he wanted something to defend himself with.

"This place is pretty empty today, Everett." Said Fanman through the PET to his operator. It had seemed that the Scilab was pretty empty, he figured it was probably because there aren't any events going on. Everett's face then appeared on the net. "Sure is." He replied. Then Fanman began to wander and look around considering he rarely came to this area in the net.
Fanman soon learned that rarely do things stay quiet...


Markcannon: 60
Kabutank: 80
Windbox: 100


"Alrighty." Said Fanman content with the viruses that appeared. He assumed a battle stance and activated his cannon chip on the makcannon. He knew that the cannon wouldn't easily be able to defend from a blast like that, but the wind box could counter it. Then, after firing the cannon, he shot his shotgun chip at the wind box. Once again, the shot had the possiblilty of being deflected by the wind, but Fanman didn't care. He finally put up his guard chip. If he got hit, this would be a really helplu asset.



target:whoever attacks it.
Fanman's attacks hit with certainty, but not enough to delete the viruses. The MarkCannon locks on to Fanman, and blasting him, but the Guard reflects the damage back to the virus, deleting it.

Markcannon: DELETED
Kabutank: 80
Windbox: 50

Fanman noticed the virus being deleted and smiled at the sight of it. He quickly got back away and started up his fan. He was preparing to use his signature move. As soon as the fan was up to power, Fanman let off a heavy wind blast towards the kabutank. He then thought of something. If he could get behind the wind box, then his rageclaw would work better. The wind was blowing hard and he was worried that his wind blast wouldn't work, but he continued and ran as fast as he could to get behind the windbox. After a couple tries, he succesfully made it behind the box. He picked up the box using his rageclaw chip and threw it at his other foe: the kabutank. If both of these attacks connected, they would delete all of the damage threats on the field and make it an easy win for Fanman. But with any remaining time he had left, he got in to a positiopn to be ready to dodge.

action1:sig atk lv.1(70dmg)

action2:rageclaw(20dmg[being done to 2 targets])
target:wind box(being picked up), kabutank(projectile target).

action3:dodge attempt
Kabutank is sucessfully eliminated. The Windbox blows irritatingly in Fanman's face though.

Markcannon: DELETED
Kabutank: DELTED
Windbox: 30

Fanman smirked. He was happy all was going according to plan. He began to charge. his custom weapon and finish the virus off while doing his best to hold his ground. He began to charge it, and next turn he'd fire it off. He charged it all the way and then waited till it was just the right time to fire.

action1:charge custweapon

action2:charge custweapon

action3:charge custweapon


Markcannon: DELETED
Kabutank: DELTED
Windbox: DELETED


Get: 150z
"Easy money." Said Fanman to himself picking up the cashdata. He then saw Everett's face pop in behind him. "I need to jack you out." Said Everett." Fanman, unaware of what the reason for this was simply nodded and complied.

---Fanman logging out---