Another go around.

*as a blue beam crashed into the ground Nikko appeared in the net*

"well i go."
"Wait, i made you a GMO."
"Ya, lets try it out."

As Timmy pressed a few buttons on his PET a flash of light appeared around Nikko and she turned into a small, black kitten. though she was NOT very pleased with it.

"oh crap.....forgot to add in your ability to speak with me."
"if i EVER get into the realworld i WILL claw him to death.....he's gonna die...." thought Nikko, knowing that Timmy was gonna die the moment she was able to get into the real world.
"ummm....get going?"

Nikko walked off, pissed at Timmy's lack of foresight.

*blackcat.GMO active, battle 1*
The typical Sci-lab pick-of-the-litter arrived!

ElecOgre: 100
Champu: 60
Kabutank: 80

Nikko: 140

"Heh, only three? what a let down." thought Nikko whom was still in her GMO as she could not talk.
"Meh, easy fight. Markcannon1, rageclaw battle chips in and download."

As Timmy slotted in the chips Nikko's fur stood up as the markcannon data flooded through her body.
Nikko turning twords the champu and fired many small hairs, enhanced with the power of the markcannon as they honned in on it, Nikko hopeing to delete it quickly as her small black paw grew out and came with larger claws.
Nikko rushed at the Kabutank as quickly as she could and slashed it not once but twice as she got near it, hopeing her smaller frame would be harder to hit.
Then Nikko ran at the ElecOrge, jumping onto it and digging her little black claws into it as she jumped back and ran around like crazy, hopeing to avoid being hit by an attack.

Markcannon1---->Champu (70, locks onto target)
RageclawX2----->Kabutank (40X2)
Cat attack---->ElecOrge (50, chance to stun, dodge for rest of turn)
sword play:1 dodge with two sword type attacks in a row.
(edited to suit GMO, forgot to include that Nikko's GMO's attack diffrences in first post.)
Nikko's Markcannon hair cut through the Champu with an explosion, and one of her rageclaws tore into the tank. She had to stop her second swiper partway, however, to avoid a bomb the Kabutank was dropping that she could not escape close-range. She pounced on the floating head and initialized her cat attack, but instead of digging in and stopping the Elecogre's movement, she was again forced on the move as the electricity began to course between the ogre's horns. While all three viruses had taken damage, they definitely looked agitated enough to pay it back...

ElecOgre: 50
Champu: DELETED!
Kabutank: 40

Nikko: 140
"Meow.....mow." *translation* "Oh shit.....pissed them off big time."
"Me thinks Nikko has made a few viruses mad. shotgun, cannon battle chips in and download."

As Timmy slotted in the chips Nikko's paw returned to normal as her hair stood on end again, but this time, more if it clumped together as it received the chip data, ready for more attacks.
Nikko turned over to the Kabutank, as a large clump of hair that turned into a spike as she let it fly twords the Kabutank, hopeing to take it out as a much smaller lump of hair came together.
Nikko then turned her attention to the ElecOrge as the hair spiked up and flew at it, Hopeing to delete it this time as she ran around like crazy, hopeing to have deleted all of the viruses.

Cannon----->Kabutank (40)
Shotgun---->ElecOrge (50+splash)
The Kabutank dodged the initial hairball and launched an attack, but Nikko's spry movements evaded it. The viruses were now perfectly aligned for the next strike, a factor Nikko capitazized on.

ElecOgre: DELETED!
Champu: DELETED!
Kabutank: DELETED!

Nikko: 140


Rewards: 250 zenny.
"geez, that a small pile of zenny...." nikko thought as she downloaded the zenny to timmy.
"All right Nikko, get on going."

Nikko moved as she thought about sending viruses to his PET.
As Nikko ponders, several more viruses move in for the attack. However, this gang doesn't look like it knows how to play nice.

ElecOgreA: 100
ElecOgreB: 100
ElecOgreC: 100
ElecOgreD: 100

Nikko: 140

Battle 2....Commence!
"Mew.....Mew...." *translation* "Why god......Why.....?"
"Oh geez. Markcannon1, guard battle chips in and download."

As Timmy slotted in the chips Nikko's fur started russleing, as the markcannon and guard data floded into her body.
Nikko then took aim at ElecOrgeA, her hair then started standing on end as she let it go, many small hair particles started flying like needles at the Orge, homeing in on it.
Nikko then jumped to the side, ran around the ElecOrge's and stoped suddenly as her hair turned into a large dome as it covered Nikko, sheilding her as it all came down.
Nikko then rushed at ElecOrgeB, jumping at it and pounceing upon it, digging her little claws in as she jumped back and ran around like the crazy kitty she is.

Markcannon1---->ElecOrgeA (70, high chance to hit)
Guard (??)
Cat attack---->ElecOrgeB (50, chance to stun, dodge for rest of turn)
(*sigh* bump)
(*sigh* bump)
(geez....bump three......BUMP BUMP BUMP!)
<(These ogres are incorrectly HP'ed)>

The attacks connect, claws and cannons damaging the virii, but as the first attack is reflected, one of the remaining two hit Nikko

ElecOgreA: 50
ElecOgreB: 70 <STUNNED>
ElecOgreC: 120
ElecOgreD: 120

Nikko: 80
(60 dmg? i think that's a little too much, because i was hit ONLY once.)
"Mew....." *translation* "that hurt....."
"Damn! Energybomb, Rageclaw battle chips in and download."

As the chip data hit Nikko she started hacking and coughing as she coughed hard a hair ball erupted from her mouth twords ElecOrgeC, Nikko felt anger rush though her.

"I'm So gonna kill Timmy as soon as i can get into the realworld." thought Nikko as her front-right paw grew harry and larger with huge claws.
Nikko then jumped at ElecOrgeB and slashed it twice and ran around quickly, hopeing to avoid anymore damage from the ElecOrge's.

Energybomb---->ElecOrgeC (40X3)
RageclawX2---->ElecOrgeB (40X2)
swordplay:+1 dodge with two sword-type attacks in a row.
((yeah, the dmg was off, but no big. Fixed.))

Nikko's attacks hit decent marks, although the ogre saw the bomb coming and moved a bit, though still getting hit twice. The other target ogre is deleted, which seems to enrage its comrades. They attack in a full-on assault, and nikko nimbly dodges.....all but one miss...

ElecOgreA: 50
ElecOgreC: 40
ElecOgreD: 120

Nikko: 80
"Meoww....." *translation* "Owwwww....."

Nikko then jumped at ElecOrgeC, slashing as she got close but then she jumped backwords and as she did she slashed at ElecOrgeA twice as quickly as she could, hopeing to delete both of her targets quickly before they had a chance to attack again. Then she started running around like crazy, hopeing to avoid more attacks from the Orge's.

RageclawX1---->ElecOrgeC (40)
RageclawX2----->ElecOrgeA (40X2)
dodgeX2 (one with specal ability)
She tears into the ogres like scratching posts, and moves elegantly as she does so. The remaining ogre waits for a more clear shot...

ElecOgreB: Deleted
ElecOgreD: 120

Nikko: 80
Nikko didn't waste any time as she jumped at the final ElecOrge and slashed not once but twice as she ran around the place like a little kitty hoped up on coke and THEN she slashed a third time, hopefuly deleteing it as she ran around again, trying to dodge an attack if it should survive.

RageclawX2----->ElecOrgeD (40X2)
dodge with specal ability
rageclaw----->ElecOrgeD (40)