Pre-Game Warm Up!

MeleeMan appeared on the net, flexing his muscles with a confident smile and discharging smoke. "More HP memory, eh? I feel stronger than ever! Ha ha ha!" MeleeMan laughed. "So, is it just me this time, or do I have company?" MeleeMan asked, seeing the odd expression on Rania's face.

"MeleeMan, please don't act up. Suien's navi is coming, and you don't want to yourself... no, I'll be direct. I don't want you to embarass me, okay? I need to start hanging around other operators, and that's going to be impossible if they all think my navi's a total jerkwad."

"True enough," MeleeMan grumbled. "Fine, but that Suien guy looks kind of scrawny," he commented, sounding strangely resentful. "Are you sure you want to hang around him?"

"He's fine, MeleeMan," Rania replied, coughing breifly.

"Whatever," MeleeMan spat, waiting for his ally to show up.
A stream of black light burst into the ground, assuming humanoid form and closely followed by a quartet of colored orbs. One multicolored burst of light later, Rass.EXE stepped into the Scilab network and nearly bumped into...

"MeleeMan?!" exclaimed both netOp and netNavi simultaneously.

"H-H-Hey MeleeMan," stammered a nervous-looking Rass, waving to the puglistic fighter and stepping backward, "G-Great uh... G-Great w-w-weather we're h-having, huh? P-Perfect day for a challenge... or p-perhaps some nice fighting!"

Suien looked back and forth from his PET's top screen to Rania. No way! he thought, doing everything he could to conceal his surprise, I thought her voice sounded familiar, but... MeleeMan's OPERATOR? I always figured that anyone who worked with a navi like him would have less... he paused to think a moment, ...teeth... and a gun rack or something.

Clearing his throat and attempting to conceal his surprise, Suien turned to the firey redhead. "Y-You're MeleeMan's operator?" he asked, "what a coincidence! I'm the netOp for Rass.EXE." Though the dark-haired netOp was slightly uneasy about his own navi's pinkish, girly appearance, he was reassured somewhat that Rania possessed an equally socially awkward navi.

That just means we can relate more in terms of... wait... dammit! he thought, forgetting the original reason for his nervousness, Seven years, Suien. Still seven years.

Rass, meanwhile had run out of things to say to MeleeMan, so he just puffed out his chest and squinted his eyes, looking out onto the horizon for any challanges that lay in wait.
The pair find a large troupe of virii!

KabutankA 80HP
KabutankB 80HP
KabutankC 80HP
KabutankD 80HP
ChampuA 60HP
ChampuB 60HP
ChampuC 60HP
ChampuD 60HP

Rass 100HP

Meleeman 180HP

"It's... Rass," MeleeMan droned, as if it wasn't anything particularly surprising.

Rania's eyebrows arched high as she looked from Suien to his navi, unable to hide her surprise. "This man out of college not only netbattles as a passtime, but also has a... tiny pink navi?" she thought to herself, looking back at her PET. "Then again, I'll bet he's probably thinking the same way about my navi now. We don't exactly share a look..."

"So Rass and I are sharing some more sparring time? Yes, it's great weather! So fresh, vivid, and full of viruses waiting to have their faces fixed!" MeleeMan responded to his ally, pumping back one of his fists in preperation to attack the viruses. "We don't have Seraphim with us, but that's not going to stop me from obliterating these weaklings. Watch; this is one of my special techniques! Let's go all out!" he cried, releasing a large cloud of smoke.

Interested, Rania looked back to the PET. "Huh... this technique doesn't look familiar," she muttered under her breath, crossing one leg over the other.

"Give yourself a treat today before we fight our epic battle! Hold nothing back! Don't fight defensively! Unleash your ANGER!" he roared, fire bursting from his gauntlets in the place of the usual smoke. It surrounded him in a thick heatwave, causing his gauntlets to glow golden with intense heat. "I'm telling you to drop your defenses for a moment and see how awesome it is to be... like me!" he roared, heading for the enemy viruses. "Boomerang! Hrah!" he roared, launching a green projectile towards the Champus. "None of you will survive!" he bellowed, bringing forth a heatshot weapon. With a loud grunt, he discharged it into the horde of viruses, then brough tforth yet another weapon. "Not a single...!" he trailed off, bringing out a shotgun for yet another attack and firing it off toward the tanks. Panting heavily, but maintaining his fierce expression, he turned back toward Rass.

"Liberate yourself! Let out the berserker inside you!" he roared, beating his fists briefly against the ground and then lifting them to the sky.

Rania's eyebrows twitched irritably. "No strategy... he's left himself open again, and he's attracting the attention of every virus..." she grumbled audibly.

1) Activate Soul Fist: Warrior's Code [Draw attention of every virus]
2) Boomerang to Champu group [60]
3) Heatshot to Kabutank A and splash [45]
4) Shotgun to Kabutank C and splash [60]
Rass shielded his face as MeleeMan unleashed his powerful plume of flame, creating an impressive lightshow that lit up the entire area. A split-second later, seven eyes stared into the glorious blaze that surrounded MeleeMan's body.

"Er... wow," said Rass meekly, clearly in awe, "That's uh... pretty... impressive."

Interesting, a technique that draws enemy fire with an ostentatious show of power, commented Tem, a patch of blue having formed on Rass' left shoulder, It would be advantageous to somehow gain that power for ourselves...

ISHAMEL DISAGREES! shouted the targeting system, his single yellow eye flashing on Rass' chest, CORE SYSTEM IS FAR TOO WEAK TO TAKE THE RISK. PROBABILITY OF SURVIVING THE RESULTANT ATTACK IS CLOSE TO 0%.

If that is the case, said Argo impatiently from his perch on Rass' right shoulder, Shouldn't we get moving so meathead over there doesn't get blasted by the rest of the viruses?

All three systems' eyes turned toward Rass' right shoulder for a moment before spiraling to their respective body parts in a mesh of color. "S-Suien!" called Rass, "M-MeleeMan is gonna get pounded! C-Can you send me anything?" The pink-and-black navi leaped to his feet and traversed the battlefield, quickly adjusting his position while Ishamel initialized the buster units in his palms. Wasting no time, Tem's scanner buzzed to life, bathing the battlefield in a deep blue light. "H-Hurry!" shouted Rass.

"Way ahead of you, Rass," replied Suien calmly, shuffling through his battlechips. "All of our grass-type chips are coming your way - CactusBall, Cornshot, Boomerang, and BambooLance!" The four battlechips slid easily into the PET with a quartet of clicks, the data streaming and combining within Rass' palms into a glowing emerald mass that rivaled MeleeMan's in intensity and brilliance. You sure you know how to handle all that, Rasshole? growled Argo, a trace of fear leaking into his voice, That BambooLance alone is more powerful than any other chip we've got... and grass chips are usually a little tricky to deploy.

Rass ignored the melee system's voice, opting instead to square his legs and thrust both arms forward, releasing a burst of green light in the process. Psh... whatever. grumbled Argo, Just don't say I didn't warn you. The fusion navi nodded in affirmation as he clapped his hands together, summoning a large green bladed boomerang to his right and a trio of small, beady-eyed cacti viruses to his left. Whispering a series of orders to the small critters and hefting the emerald weapon over his shoulder, Rass launched the first portion of his verdant assault against the remaining viruses. The boomerang sang through the air as the little cacti charged toward the damaged Champu viruses. Before he could confirm the hits, however, something else caught Rass' eye.

Whirling around and pivoting on his back foot, Rass raised both hands into the sky. Green bolts of lightning played across his arms as Tem and Argo halted their respective tasks to give each other worried looks. Rass yelled from the effort, his body unable to contain the massive energies contained within the two remaining battlechips. As the emerald lightning continued to crackle and spread, even Ishamel began to worry for the fusion navi's well-being. CORE SYSTEM, WOULD YOU LIKE OUR ASSISTANCE TO-

Rass didn't respond, instead opting to plunge his hands into the ground, simultaneously releasing the explosive Cornshot and the BambooLance in a single burst of power. The ground shook as a forest of bamboo erupted skyward, further charged with the explosive bombcorns. In a verdant explosion that sent leaves and bamboo chunks flying across the battlefield, Rass collapsed to his knees, panting from the effort.

0: Tem Scanner (+5 to all attacks, +accuracy, +RP Reward/Drop rate)
1: Cactiball1 (2 hits of 20, 1 hit of 25) Any survivng Champus
2: Boomerang (65 to 3) Any surviving Champus
3: Cornshot (55 to 2) Kabutank A, KabutankC
4: BambooLance (135 to 3) any remaining Kabutanks
All the enemies look towards Meleeman who then pulls out his massive wood and throws it in the group's face. He then shoots a tank with fire and blasts two enemies with a shotgun. A cactus head then rolls into the last Champu, taking it out. Rass also throws a boomerrang which wipes out two tanks. The cornshot also takes out one tank and the lance ultimately ends it.

KabutankA DELETED!
KabutankB DELETED!
KabutankC DELETED!
KabutankD DELETED!

Rass 100HP

Meleeman 180HP

((Shotgun's do 50))

Rewards, Firehit1, 250z each, extra 75z to Rass
Rass looked like he was ready to faint as his palm units continued to sputter and spark with green coils of electricity. Tem fluttered across the fusion navi's body in streaks of blue color, attempting to diagnose and isolate the source of the problem. Hmm... it looks like Rass managed to blow out his 3L3M core with that last maneuver, she said, a hint of frustration leaking into her voice, I'll try to localize the self-repair routines to remedy the problem, but you should probably keep from trying something like that again.

"Sorry Tem," said Suien sheepishly, withdrawing the new Firehit battlechip from his PET and neatly placing it alongside the rest of his considerable collection, "I suppose I got a little carried away." He paused a moment, and tapped a small port on the side of the PET. "I should mention that I managed to upgrade your short-term storage space with a few process upgrades, so you might find it easier to manage battlechips in the future, at the very least."

Acknowledged. Much obliged. replied Tem before returning to her task.
"Good job MeleeMan, Rass..." Rania commented with a nod. "We each got a new Firehit battlechip I see. They're one of MeleeMan's favorites, you know."

"I tell you, the guy who made these viruses knew what he was doing," MeleeMan commented. "A flaming punch is exactly the kind of weapon I want to have on my side when I go into battle!"

"Technically, you already have a dozen techniques that are flaming punches without the use of a FireHit battlechip, but I guess you're right. They do suit you," Rania shrugged.

"That was impressive work, Rass. I can feel the sense of confidence and self-worth radiating around you!" he commented, pounding his right fist into his left palm. "But let's not get cocky yet, and have maybe one or two more rounds before the main event!" With that, he proceeeded further into the area, cracking his thick neck to both sides as he did.
The pair comes across a MUCH larger group of enemies, almost scary large...

MarkcannonA 60HP
MarkcannonB 60HP
MarkcannonC 60HP
MarkcannonD 60HP
MarkcannonE 60HP
ElecogreA 120HP
ElecogreB 120HP
ElecogreC 120HP
ElecogreD 120HP
ElecogreE 120HP
DblCubeA 200HP <RED>
DblCubeB 200HP <RED>
DblCubeC 200HP <RED>
DblCubeD 200HP <RED>
DblCubeE 200HP <RED>

Rass 100HP

Meleeman 180HP

Suien's eyes widened at the sight of fifteen scilab viruses suddenly appearing on his PET's lower screen. It wasn't as though fighting large amounts of viruses was anything different than what they had been doing as of late. What worried him was the fact that a quintet of DblCubes had suddenly appeared on the scene. Two had been more than enough in their previous Scilab venture, and even then Rass had Seraphim to back them up. He stole a glance to his side to check on Rania's reaction, but quickly returned his attention to the matter at hand. Rass was, after all, probably panicking at the moment...

Rasshole, get ahold of yourself! It's just a couple of blocks! shouted Argo, whirling around Rass' black torso in a streak of green. The fusion navi was nearly paralyzed in fear as five imposing cubes began their slow, mechanical march toward the navi duo. Despite his apparent confidence, even Argo was a bit nervous at the prospect of facing such a large force. Tem! Have you fixed up the 3L3M system yet? What the hell is taking so long?!

Listen Argo, you know as well as I do that you have no expertise whatsoever when dealing with the auto-repair functions hissed Tem, pausing only to scan the field and berate the Melee subsystem I'm doing everything I can so they'll be fully active again within the next few minutes, so just butt out and concentrate on the battle! With that, the tactical subsystem redoubled her efforts, darting around in a flash of blue and leaving Rass, Argo, and Ishamel alone on the battlefield.

Suien gulped and shuffled through his battlechips. He paused when he hit the bamboolance, thinking to himself, This is what caused his systems to overload last battle... we should probably hold off on that one. Still, his elemental system should be able to handle the less-powerful chips. He withdrew a quartet of battlechips and slid them neatly into the tray. "I'm sending you the Boomerang, ElecReel, a Minibomb, and the Rockcube," he said, typing in a few commands as he spoke, "Those ElecOgres are intimidating, but you and MeleeMan should be able to take them down easily. From what I've seen, your damage output would be wasted on the MarkCannons, so you're going to have to target the cubes. Got all that?"

I was afraid of that, thought Rass glumly, as the data downloaded into his circuitry. "Y-yeah, I understand S-Suien," he sighed, charging the boomerang in his right palm as he spoke, "Executing battle r-"

HEY! yelled Tem, I'm not done fixing that yet!

Rass looked down at his hand in horror as green sparks began to sputter and erupt from the glowing boomerang clutched tightly in his right hand. Panicking momentarily, he hurled it toward the horde of ElecOgres... badly. Even with an angry Argo adjusting at the last minute, the boomerang swung wide, arcing toward one of the cubes at the last minute. Tem buzzed out angrily, eyes staring accusingly at the sky as though to glare at Suien across cyberspace. So when I say "the 3L3M system is broken, I need to fix it," I don't mean "hey, load up an elemental chip and see how it works!" she snarled, What else did you... she paused in horror as she realized the ElecReel was charging in the already finicky system. N...NO! she screamed, surging back into the system and discharging a blast of lightning that brightened the entire scilab network. As the yellow coils of lightning spiraled awkwardly toward the DblCubes, the recoil knocked the fusion navi flat on his back, hyperventilating as a terrible burning smell erupted from his palms. Suien winced as the arms of Rass' diagnostic wireframe flashed red, small warning messages popping up. Geez... Tem's not gonna be happy...

Picking himself up off the ground, Rass clutched the small blue minibomb in his palm. Arming the small explosive with a quick motion, he hurled it toward the nearest DblCube and activated the rockcube system before the explosion landed. As the detonation rocked the area, sending shockwaves through his already-aching hands, he crouched behind the rockcube, praying that Tem would hurry up with the repairs...

0: Tem Scan (+5 to all attacks, +Accuracy, +Drop Rate)
1: Boomerang (65, (130 wood)) ElecogreD, ElecogreE, DblCubeA
2: ElecReel (105, Elec) DblCubeA, DblCubeB, DblCubeC
3: Minibomb (65) DblCubeB, Generate Smokescreen
4: Create Rockcube (200HP)
((Sorry I seemed to mysteriously vanish into the shadows for a while there. I was at home with only one family computer, and it really sucks, so I couldn't get myself to get on it. XD))

"Man. There's a lot of 'em this time," MeleeMan grunted, rubbing his chin with his heavily armored fingers. "What a sorry looking bunch. Some lame cannons that are rooted to the ground, floating red heads with no appendages to speak of, and worse yet, some colored cubes. Viruses don't get much wussier than this."

"Hey, watch what you're saying there, MeleeMan. These viruses are pretty powerful, and they outnumber you guys enormously," Rania commented. "It looks like Rass is ready to go at them though," she noted with a smile, glancing briefly at Suien.

"Huh? The guy's screwing up his boomerang! Kid, what're you doing?" MeleeMan yelled after Rass as his ally seemed to prematurely release his weapon. "H-hey, hey! What the hell?" he cried out, listening to the navi seemingly babble to himself and awkwardly released further chip attacks. "Buddy, that's not like you! Are you aiming?"

"Be quiet, MeleeMan. I-It's fairly obvious that he... must have some sort of strategy... or maybe he doesn't," Rania sighed, unable to fully hide her opinion of the navi's manuevers. "Well, anyways, let's do our part. The cannons haven't been attacked yet, so go for them. After that, we can do a bit more on the Ogres."

"Fine by me," MeleeMan shrugged. "So we're starting with the boomerang, right?" he murmered, feeling the weapon take it's place over his clenched fist. He moved forward breifly, then released the spinning blade with a bit of a knockback. "Hurrah! Chew on this!" he shouted, then replaced his armament with his original fist. He smiled widely as flames overtook it, clenching and unclenching it for a moment. "Now, for the rest of you!" he roared, coming in with both arms out. Running for the group, he attempted to clothesline two of the cannons, then came to a sliding stop.

Rania smiled, apparently pleased. "It's a little reckless, but that looked like a good way to take care of the group," she admitted.

"Ah, it's good to hear you on my side for once. A shotgun should be fine to put the hurt on the ugly mugs of those ogres. Although they already look pretty bad as it is," he smirked. Forming a shotgun on one arm, MeleeMan tooks a shot for the group, then prepared to tank the attack. "Huh... this is about as far as I'd thought up to. I guess there's nothing I can do but just take it."

1) Boomerang to MarkCannon A, B, and C [60]
2) Firehit1 to MarkCannon D [70]
3) Firehit1 to MarkCannon E [70]
4) Shotgun to Elecogre D, splash to E [50]
The Wild attacks from the pair tears into the viruses, boomerangs, thunderbolts and blasts of flames lighting up the field in a brilliant blaze of glory. Many a virus falls, the immobile markcannons taking the worst hit to their numbers outta everything. They wree all completely decimated. The ogres are all damaged in the least as they manage to fry each of the teammates. The cubes try and blast the pair, the remaining two missing as the other does a self-heal.

and then, a rockcube falls

MarkcannonA DELETED
MarkcannonB DELETED
MarkcannonC DELETED
MarkcannonD DELETED
MarkcannonE DELETED
ElecogreA 120HP
ElecogreB 70HP
ElecogreC 70HP
DblCubeB 30HP <RED>
DblCubeC 115HP <BLUE>
DblCubeD 200HP <RED>
DblCubeE 200HP <RED>

Rockcube 170HP

Rass 70HP

Meleeman 150HP
A foul taste of sterile ozone and slightly scorched data permeated Rass mouth as he lay behind the large rockcube, a painful-looking burn etched into his chest. The fusion navi groaned as he struggled to his feet,wincing as a golden coil of lightning streaked between his fingers. His entire body tingled as his self-repair systems attempted to bring his capabilities back up to their normal operating values. "Rass!" he heard a concerned Suien say over the communication uplink, "Are you okay? Looked like a nasty hit, and it appears that you're functioning at only about 70% efficiency. Can you confirm?"

Shaking his head to clear the static from his field of vision, Rass awkwardly assumed a fighting stance. "I-I'm fine, S-Suien," he said shakily, wavering on his feet, "Th-The blast just t-took me off g-guard, that's all." He paused as his subsystems sent their status reports to the administrator panel. "Argo says that s-superficial damage aside, m-mobility shouldn't be affected. Ishamel s-says that our t-targeting system was undamaged and s-should be r-ready to utilize. Tem..." Rass paused again, "Tem s-scolds you for b-being so r-reckless with the 3L3M system, b-but says it sh-should hold up f-for another round."

Suien smiled and twirled around the powerful BambooLance battlechip between his fingers. "That's exactly what I wanted to hear," he said with a smile. "If my calculations are correct, you should be able to eliminate the viral threats without any further problems. I'm slotting in the Airshot and BambooLance..." The tall netOp paused as Tem swore under her breath, "...and I'm going to have you activate the processor upgrade encoded in your main chassis. By expanding the temporary memory capacity of your main body, I've given you the ability to absorb and convert any coreless system files that may have accumulated throughout the battlefield."

Rass' blank stare told Suien that his navi had understood very little of what he just said. "Just... try it out," he sighed, "and if you're confused, just ask Tem."

The pink-and-black navi lunged forward, concentrating the compressed air charge into his right hand's buster unit. Tiny jets of air began to leak out of miniascule holes in Rass' chassis, but the fusion navi stayed his course, squaring his legs and firing off the burst into the rockcube, sending the obstacle sailing toward the undamaged red-faced ElecOgre. Rass heard the giant block explode with a sickening crunch, but was unable to confirm the hit as his body began to liquify and morph against his will. A split-second later, bolts of lightning cackled outward, latching onto the blasted viral corpses generated by the last assault. Panicking, Rass looked downward at his torso with a mixture of confusion and fear. "T-Tem!" he cried, "W-What's going on? W-What d-did you d-do?!"

I just activated the fusion protocols that Suien directed me to, she said in a matter-of-factly tone of voice, In the meantime, how about putting that 3L3M system to work by activating that BambooLance of ours... and try not to break it this time around!

Rass gulped uneasily, but nodded as several chunks of blasted MarkCannons and ElecOgre corpses began to move toward him, connected by the lines of lightning. Raising both arms and watching the green lightning leap from fingertip to fingertip, he called upon the deadly bamboo forest to once again aid him in battle. No sooner had the sharpened pikes erupted from the ground, however...

...did the small navi yell in terror as his body began absorbing the junk data. MarkCannon barrels and stands, ElecOgre horns and fangs... all of them became encompassed by the black-and-pink mass. Though his body didn't seem to gain any mass, Rass noticed a distinctly white-and-yellow aura surrounding him, as well as an unpleasent feeling in the pit of his stomach. Rasshole! What the hell is going on?! demanded Argo, It's getting awfully crowded in here! Do something!

"I-I'M T-T-TRYING!" protested Rass as his arms extended forward, independent of his will, forming a metallic ElecOgre head with several gunbarrels pointing out of its eyes, nostrils, and mouth. The strange weapon glinted in the artificial light, and Rass could only gasp in shock as it began to shake. The demonic buster charged massive amounts of electrical energy and sputtered as it did so, sending a shower of sparks across the network. Rass closed his eyes tightly as he, with great effort, pointed the OgreCannon toward the remaining DblCube.

...there was a flash of light...

1: Airshot Rockcube into ElecOgreA (200)
2: BambooLance DblCubeB, C, and D (130, 260 Wood)
3: Fusion Force/Fusion Armor absorbtion, (200 FP Cap)
Absorb ElecogreD, ElecOgreE, MarkCannonA, MarkCannonB, MarkCannonC (60+60+30+30+20 = 200FP)
4: Fusion Force (200, Elec) DblCube E
"Hrmph, might have absorbed a little spark from one of the Ogres or taken a beam from the DBL Cube during all of that, but otherwise I'm fine," MeleeMan explained, rubbing his shoulder. "It looks like Rass took some damage too though, and he's a lot more fragile, you know. I have to make certain to protect him..."

"That is true," Rania agreed, slotting in a few more chips with quick flicks of her right wrist. "He's got great potential for damage and healing, but it seems that he doesn't quite match you so far as endurance goes."

MeleeMan smirked cockily.

"But he does deal out better damage then you, seems much more multi-faceted, has healing capabilities, a better personality too, really..." Rania trailed on, putting MeleeMan in his place by counting off traits on her fingers.

"Alright, alright, I get it. The kids got skills," MeleeMan huffed. "You're hard to put up with some times, you know that?"

Rania arched her eyebrows angrily at the irony of the statement, then focused back on the battle. "So, you see that there are a few ElecOgres and a handful of Cubes, left, right? Since Rass does have the superior capacity for total damage, I'm going to suggest that you take the Ogres out," she reasoned, nodding concisely. "Although, actually, he's using such incredible force," she noted with a gasp, "he looks like he could handle it even without your help."

"Huh? Okay, if you say so..." MeleeMan grumbled, still unable to believe he could have less aggressive capabilities than his partner. "Alright then, I'm going at em' with this baby!" he announced, readying a heatshot on one arm. Quickly, he hoisted up his muscled forearm and took aim, firing a blast of flames toward the ogre heads. "A magbolt should go along fine with that," he muttered. Switching the gun unspectacularly for a magnet and reaching out his long arm, he attempted to nail an ogre in the forehead with a powerful electric punch. "Hmph! These enemies fail to excite me. Such bland opponents," he muttered, running for the next nearest floating head. "Rrr...grah!" he shouted, reaching out for its jaw and attempting to unattach it from the virus' skull with a powerful jerk of brute force. Finally, he switched out to a markcannon, taking aim at the final ogre visage which he had not yet assaulted and firing off a single shot.

"That should do it," he thought to himself, stepping back and awaiting the clearance of the debris.

1) Heatshot to ElecOgre A, splash to B [45]
2) MagBolt to ElecOgre A [90]
3) Soul Fist: Tear Asunder to ElecOgre B [30 and +20 to all further damage to this virus]
4) MarkCannon to ElecOgre C [70]
<(Sky, not that it makes a difference here, but keep in mind that obstacles sent at enemies will only deal their current HP's worth of damage on contact)>

Meleeman's heatshot slams into the ogres, damaging two as Rass sends a rockcube into it and deletes it. His Magbolt in turn manages to find rest in the other ogre, dragging it to him and shocking it out of existance. As Rass' Bamboolance tears up many of the remaining cubes, he charges up the Fusion Armor. Meleeman pulls his soul fist and markcannon on the last ogre, deleting it, but Rass's cannon quickly draws his display.

MarkcannonA DELETED
MarkcannonB DELETED
MarkcannonC DELETED
MarkcannonD DELETED
MarkcannonE DELETED

Rockcube DELETED

Rass 70HP

Meleeman 150HP


Rewards: 750z, Markcannon1 <each>
"Ha ha ha! It was a bit of a tougher brawl than the others we've been in," MeleeMan laughed, addressing Rass with a flex of one arm, "but we're still plenty capable to take the viruses of this net!"

"No, that's enough for now, MeleeMan. The event that the net-police were gathering researchers for is starting in Electown, and you've got to get there. Luckily, it seems like Rass is coming too," she informed him, giving a small smile to Suien. "The two of you are pretty good at working together, so that should be a good bonus."

"True. Alright then, comrade, let's go together to Electown Net!" MeleeMan shouted, pointing into the distance. As he concluded his bellow, he dropped his arm limply to his right. "Uh, how do we get there again?"

"The easiest way would be through Internet City. I'll guide you through quickly," she responded with a nod.

"Sure, alright," MeleeMan replied, walking towards the gate of Internet City.
Rass stared in abject horror at monstrous cannon as it clanged to the ground, smoking and leaking droplets of metal. The OgreCannon's eyes seemed to stare deeply into Rass' soul as the fusion navi backed away slowly, trying to avoid looking at it as he collected his portion of the usable reward data. Suddenly, Suien's face appeared on a screen next to Rass. "Whoa, look at the time!" shouted the netOp, glancing down at his watch, "We were supposed to be at the research site a while ago!"

Rass looked at Suien with a perplexed look. "R-Research site?" he asked, cocking his head to the side.

Suien nodded in response. "I felt that we should assist in the pending investigation of strange occurances throughout the net," he explained, "You'll be working alongside MeleeMan, if that's any comfort." Suien gave Rania a sidelong glance before continuing, "Go ahead and follow him, since I think she's directing MeleeMan to the research site."

Rass didn't say anything, but silently wished that Suien would stop signing him up for things without telling him...