The first day

In a stream of light, Fanman appeared in the area. He was wuite tall with long slanky arms and a dome-shaped head. He walked around the net casually seeing how he had nothing better to do. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a group of viruses appears in the area. Fanman prepares himself for the battle.
MarkCannonA: 60 HP
MarkCannonB: 60 HP

Fanman.EXE: 100 HP

The fan on Fanman's stomach starts to turn. Instaed of shooting out the expected blast of air, It shot a blast similar to a cannon chip...because that is what he just used! The blast headed straight towards cannonA. Fanman then used his custom weapon. Suddely, the fan started to spin again and shot out 2 razor wind blasts at the other. Finally, he activated the shotgun chip and used his fan to shoot another blast ar cannonA.

shotgun chip=cannonA

custom weapon=cannonB

cannon chip=cannonA

OOC:do you need a better decription, or is this good enough?
[Well, no, unfortunately. That's exactly the sort of stuff that we frown on. We would rather have you write out your actions in full paragraph form. Look at some other roleplaying posts to figure out how yours should go. We aren't discriminating, as long as you try; just give it your best shot, and you should be fine.

Here's an example.

"Fanman locked on to one of the MarkCannons. The fan on his stomach began to spin, and suddenly a blast of energy shot out, heading straight for the virus."

At the end of your post, make sure to remember a summary of your actions, which includes which chips you used and how much damage they dealt.

Good luck!]
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[I understand that. However, at RERN, we have a certain level of expectations that we ask all of our roleplayers to meet. Those standards aren't very high, but they still do exist. We don't have much room for people who won't follow the rules.]
Trust me. I follow the rules.
[Well, it seems as though you've edited. What you have now is more on-target with the board expectations. Just remember that you have three actions per turn, so you can do two more things in addition to that Cannon. Go ahead and edit to include those actions.]
((Can you include a summery? A summery basically lists the attack's name, damage/effects, and target of each action. I'm a bit confused as to what all's being used, so it'd be appreciated.))
OOC:just read the first attack now.
((Okay, your summery is almost complete. You just need to include how much damage your attack does, but I'll ignore that for right now. Now to mod you. Also, you can bump your topic every 24 hours, for future reference.))

The SHotgun hits the enemy and the normal shot lands as well. The Markcannon closes its armor to block the cannon while the other one blasts Fanman.

MarkCannonA: 10 HP
MarkCannonB: 56 HP

Fanman.EXE: 80 HP
Fanman took the blow to the leg as he lost HP. He quickly fired another custom weapon blast at the one who was unarmored. He then activated rageclaw and ran up to the armored one and hoped it would let up by the time Fanman reached it. He darted around it and then jumped behind it. He took the claw and swiped at the cannons exposed back.

Rage claw:dmg:40

custom weapon:dmg:4

1 dodge.

((Now you're missing your target in the summery. As for the damages, Rageclaws do 40 to one enemy or can throw an enemy into another for 20 to each. Also, buster's do Rapid x Attack for normal shots, so that'd actually be 4 damage. One last thing, if you have spare actions that you don't feel like using, you can mark them down as dodges so you're harder to hit. Plus, Rageclaws can be used multiple times in a row, until another chip overrides it so you can attack with it again this turn. Wanna edit so that you can take these details into consideration?))
OOC:i guess so. i'm sorry if i'm acting like a n00b. i'm just not used to the battle system here.
(((Its okay. A lot of people make these mistakes which is why I'm letting them go. You're still missing the target in your summery, though. One last tidbit of information for you: the buster rules were just changed, so normal buster does Rapid x Attack, with an extra 5 damage. Just know that now a normal shot does 9 for you.))

The armor goes down and the enemy is deleted. The other is hit with the normal shot. It then attacks back, but misses.

MarkCannonA: DELETED!
MarkCannonB: 47 HP

Fanman.EXE: 80 HP
"Huh. It seemsmy battling needs some work." He thought as he jumped up in the air and landed a small distance away still behind it. He then got into stance and made a mad dash at the cannon usingrageclaw on it once more. "Tat should take it down a couple notches." He thought as he looked behind him to see if the attack was effective. Before he made sure of this, he sent 2 wind shots from his custom weapon at the cannon. He knew if all attacks were sucessful, that the virus would be deleted. so before you knew it, the fan on his stomach was spinning and let loose the 2 intended shots.

Rageclaw:40 dmg

each wind shot:9 dmg.
The final enemy goes down.

MarkCannonA: DELETED!
MarkCannonB: DELETED!

Fanman.EXE: 80 HP

Rewards: 200z
Fanman looked at the ground where he was standing. At his feet was data for netcash at aproximetly 200z. He smiled and went on his merry way. He kept searching for more virii as he had nothing better to do and yurned for zenny. He wanted to buy some upgrades so he could defned himself.