Sunshine in SciLabs (EVENT!)

Shuilong materialized into SciLab Net from the Internet City Portal. He turned around and waited on his allies to come through the portal.
An explosion of electricity shot out of the portal, landed, and formed itself into Raiden again.

"Well then," he observed pleasantly as he looked around. His eyes snapped back and forth rapidly, as if trying to see everything at once, and he now carried the air of trying to drink everything in.

"Another personality change?" Anti inquired dully.

"Yes, ma'am. The SciLab network is naturally inquisitive, and therefore, my internal systems are required to emulate that aspect."

"And you talk like a nerd, too."

"A highly unfavorable side effect."

He turned and saw Shuilong standing nearby, and nodded pleasantly.

"Salutations, Shuilong. All we need dally for at this time is Capuchin."
Capuchin appeared from the portal, doing a backflip as she did so, and landed on both feet perfect;y together.

"Alright!" She cheeped as she made her Pole appear, "Everyone's here now!"
"Exemplary to see that you arrived whole and unscathed," Raiden addressed her as she came flipping through the portal. "Now, shall we deal righteous retribution upon the heads of these unruly hooligans."

[Our instructions are to wait for tomorrow before we're modded.]
Is it just me or is he talking like a highly educated scientist? Shuilong thought to himself, staring at Raiden all the while with a raised eyebrow, well, if he had eyebrows.
"Well, I'll keep a lookout." Shuilong stated gruffly, turning away from the portal and looking out into the deep recesses of the net.

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Another Bolt of electricity hit, adn XIII was standing along with them.
"Wow, so this is the Scilab net huh? even though Dad works here, I don't think I've actually been here before."
The black wips of smoke and the beating of drums was added to the net as Bard came into the Science labs. She looked arorund at the group from under here beret's rim. She pulled her hat off to shake her hair once before placing the hat back apon her head. She nodded to each of the other Navi's, not wanting to say much. She did open her mouth to say, "My name is Bard. Operator is Leo. We don't get out much, don't expect much talking from us." Bard bowed after finishing her sentance and started to play a soft beat on the rim of her drum. The crow familiar on her shoulder began to sway with the beat, cawing every few beats. The two made odd music together. The crow then flew from her shoulder and let out an odd screech. Bard stared at it before letting a huge smile cross her face. "Yup!"

Leo changed the link over to priavte and said, "Ok. We are going to need to be careful. I have the chips ready for use. Get that crow of yours ready." Bard nodded and answered over the link, "He is more than ready."

Raiden looked up as two more arrivals burst onto the scene. One was a red-haired Navi wearing some manner of sweater with a scar across his face. The other was a dark-haired female with a beret perched atop her head and a long shirt draped over her. He nodded at these two new Navis, immediately memorizing a plethora of details for later use.

"Welcome to the Sunshine recovery expedition," Raiden said. "Good to see that additional comerades have taken interest in it. There is solace in groups. I am called Raiden."
XIII bowed in a formal manner. "I'm XIII. My specialty is blade combat as I am a sword type. So, can anyone of you breif me on the entire situation? I arrived late to the party, just in time to see those Sunshine chips stolen..."

XIII immediately looked at Capuchin as if he was reminded of something."
"Uum, excuse me miss, but have I seen you somewhere before? You look quite familiar."
"Good to have you on the team." Shuilong stated, still watching the area.
A purple blast suddenly strikes inches from Raiden's foot! In the distance, a HeelNavi drops his weapon and runs farther into the cybernetic urban development!
"Mercy!" Raiden yelled, jumping back and just out of the way of the incoming blast. His head snapped up, and he saw the offending HeelNavi dashing away.

"I believe that we have found our perpetrator!" he called to the others as he took off after the HeelNavi. "Allow us to give pursuit!"
Bard watched as the shot hit the ground under one of her teammates. The crow fmailiar flew back to her shoulder and cawed in loud defensive of Bard. Bard smiled at it and petted it quickly before saying, "Get the chips ready Leo. I think we have a battle on our hands." "Understood," Leo said pulling the chip pile ever closer to his body. Bard looked at the other members of the group and let her jaw drop. "You-you mean I have to walk? Bah!" She gave a few dissapproving frowns and pouts before saying, "Why can't it just come to us? Bah!" Bard pulled up her piccolo and played a long stream of high pitched notes. They kept rising and falling in their pitch, ever getting higher and higher before the last note was held. She quickly put her piccolo in her lap and hit the center of her drum once, hard. "You won't let me fall." She sang slowly.

Leo smiled as the spell was completed. "I told you that would be a good spell!" He said. Bard rolled her eyes as a large disk formed under her. It grew larger and larger, soon turning into a circle with a five foot diameter. Big enough for just her. The disk was bright and see through. She nodded to the rest of the group and said, "Let's go!"
"EEP EEP!" Capuchin chirrped as she jumped back a bit from the blast.

"Y-You alright Ca-apuchin?!" Aida asked.

"Yeah. Just a bit spooked from the blast. We better go after him now of he'll get away!"
"What happened, XIII?" Kasumi asked. XIII responded by saying "An enemy ust shot at us. He dropped his weapon and ran away."

Kasumi paused on the line for a second. "He dropped his weapon and just ran? that doesn't sound right. Tread lightly XIII. There may be a trap or something."

XIII nodded. "Roger. In pursuit."

The red haired navi took off afte rthe enemy who had fled.
"Geez, I wasn't careful enough." Shuilong growled as he saw the enemy run away.
"No time for that, go after him!" Shin commanded.
"Roger that. Let's go guys!" Shuilong replied and then started chasing down the enemy.
The team of Navis run into a clearing in the cybermetropolis--and find the HeelNavi waiting!

"What took you so long?" He cackles, drawing a handful of data packets and hurling them between him and his foes. "My precious viruses, appear!"

Drawing a Vulcan, he prepares for battle--as an army is summoned!

ChampuA: 60
ChampuB: 60
ChampuC: 60
BoomerA: 60
BoomerB: 60
BoomerC: 60
KabutankA: 80
KabutankB: 80
ElecOgreA: 120

HeelNavi: 300

Raiden: 100
Shuilong: 140
Capuchin: 100 (You don't have an HP+50. Fix Signature, please.)
XIII: 100
Bard: 150

Battle start!
"I have detected a large number of foes!" Raiden called to his Operator, who had just re-established the link between him and herself. She was taken temporarily off-guard by the number of virii that the HeelNavi had just spit out , but quickly managed to pull herself back together.

"Right. Uh...go for the virii first, and then see what you can do to the boss."


Raiden quickly absorbed the situation, examining each virii in turn and storing away the information for later use. What he wanted at the moment was to take a good look at these virii, and see if he could find any kind of interesting weakness that he could exploit. Now, though, was the time to act, and he had to go on what he knew.

He let one hand fall to his side. The red of the SciLab network was suddenly drained right out of it; oranges faded to reds, and purples fell to blues. The redness pulled itself together in the panels underneath the three boomerang virii, and as Raiden's hand shot above his head, three pillar of flame roared upward with all the ferocity the network could muster.

His eyes turned to the HeelNavi that had shot had him not long ago. Both of his hands found their way to the same level, and his hands began to crackle with electricity as the network greyed out even more. A long, twisting spear of lightning formed, floating just inches from his hand, and hissing viciously as it consumed air. Raiden pulled one arm back and hurled the spear as hard as he could, directed straight at the HeelNavi. The throw made him stumble a couple of steps forward, but he quickly picked himself up again.

He could have attacked further, but instead he made a quick decision to select caution over strength. He turned slightly so that his shoulder stuck out, making him slightly less of a target, and bent his knees in preparation to avoid the assault that the HeelNavi and his army would no doubt return.

[1. Flameline1 on BoomerA/B/C (70 x 2 = 140 dmg)
2. Thunder God on HeelNavi (40 dmg + stun)
3. Dodge]
"Looks like he's finally decided to fight." Shuilong commented.

"Yeah, let's give it our all! Take out that ElecOgre first!" Shin commanded slotting in a Boomerang1 chip.

Shuilong eyed the electric virus. A Boomerang materialized in his right hand, he gripped it firmly and pulled his arm back, all the while making a firm target of the ElecOgre. The navi then sent the Boomerang flying towards the ElecOgre, and make it arc towards the Heelnavi once it had attacked the virus.

"It's not over yet!" Shuilong roared as he descended upon the Heelnavi, extending his arm and moving them rapidly towards the perpatrator, attacking the Heelnavi with a barrage of 60 punches all at once. He then proceeded to perform a coupl of backflips in order to avoid any oncoming attacks.

Turn Summary
1. Boomerang to ElecOgreA and Heelnavi, but mainly ElecOgreA [60 DMG [color=green]Wood[/color]]
2. Dragon Storm to Heelnavi [60 DMG]
3. Dodge
Capuchin gave a grin as she grasped onto her pole. Her feet planted firmly to the ground it touched as she eyed the viruses.

"Aida isn't here yet so I'll just have to do this alone for now!" Her pole grew in length as she held it high up and then thrusted it down, whacking it onto the ElecOgre's head.

The pole then quickly went back to normal size and she had nothing left to do than to go into a defensive stance in order to dodge an incoming attack.

1.Pole Strike 1st sig(60) ElecOgreA