Subtypes have been expanded! All 15 subtypes now have 4 total abilities, 2 passives and 2 actives. For all your Navis and SPs, you can pick any 1 of the passives and any 1 of the actives to use. No registration is required to set or change your subtype abilities, and in fact you can change them freely while your Navis and SPs are jacked out. Read up on what's been added, and enjoy the new features!

Regarding other related changes, the Wind subtype has been fully reworked such that all 4 of its abilities are brand new. Regarding any Wind Navis in the middle of a battle or mission, you can choose to either retain your old abilities (passive Airstep, active Gust) for the remainder of that battle/mission (bearing in mind that these effects are no longer listed), or go ahead and immediately update to the reworked replacement abilities (passive Gust, active Airstep). After your current/battle mission, you're then subject to the same rules as all 14 other subtypes.

Otherwise, the next battle rule for all changes still applies. Just for this implementation period, everyone can select their equipped subtypes abilities in between battles or in a safe period in your mission (as decided by your moderator). This is a ONE-TIME instance, so please keep in mind that otherwise and going forward you can only change your subtypes abilities while jacked out.

Additionally, if in light of these new abilities you feel that any of your Navis or SPs are better reflected by a different subtype than their current one, you can re-register their subtypes once with no questions asked. This is a grace period and not good until the end of time, so if you wish to do so please do it sooner rather than later.

Additionally additionally and finally, a few used names across the site have been appropriated for the new subtypes abilities. The former Scramble subchip is now listed as Minor Call-In, and the former Riposte chip effect exclusive to the RiskyHoney series is now listed as Elemental Counter.