Mission Request #5

Hey, Chris Harper here, posting for myself, Nitro.exe, and TNT.SP/Tina.

I'll spare you the details of my personal life save to say that I've hit a bit of a financial snafu, so I've come to request another mission for my team and I to take on for the Teksqp. We'll take just about anything, to be frank, whatever you need us to do, we'll do it.

-Chris Harper, Operator of Nitro.exe

[Requested Difficulty: *****]

Boss Oni's throwing around big money on this one:

Quote ()

Teksqp! I have a generous proposition for you. You may or may not know that there is a thriving "pirating" business on the net. It sounds outdated, but it's true; crews of pirates with ships, moving from place to place with stolen data. I hear tell that amongst these groups, there are four crews involved in a feud... and that each is led by a fascinating female captain! With the help of our own TriangleMan, a genius in his own right, I have devised a plan that will give you a foot in with which to study them.

One captain, a navi named Jolly, believes that you and TriangleMan are coming to meet her as Teksqp representatives, a show of faith that her crew has the backing of our organization. TriangleMan has encouraged her to gather the other captians and parley, dividing out territories. In truth, this is your opportunity to study each of them! I want several key reports from you:

-A picture of each of them, bonus money if you can get them in something like a swimsuit or underwear or naked! I need these for reference.
-A list of any factors that may positively or negatively affect a Teksqp partnership with them.

It is fine to tell them anything you want, except that you're there to evaluate them. You should pretend to be backing Jolly. I will pay a good sum of money for each of the pictures and each of the lists seperately. I will require TriangleMan's assurance that the data is reputable. Please do not underestimate the amount of money (potential earnings of over 10000 zenny!) you can make with this simple task and know that you have the Teksqp's protection against any possible backlash by these pirates. How threatening can they be, anyway?

-Boss Oni

Post again if you want it.

-NetMafia Mission Control
Chris here.

I suppose I've got no choice but to accept, with that kind of money up for grabs. Let Boss Oni and TriangleMan know that we're in.

-Chris Harper

Boss Oni thought it over and decided that this kind of mission is kind of too ludicrous and debasing to send you or anyone else on. He's reevaluating the way be treats women in general and will think up something worthy of both your time and his for you to do instead.

Did you fall for that? I had you for a moment there, didn't I? Anyway, the Beach Net coordinates are attached. You'll meet TriangleMan there.

... Don't tell Boss Oni mission control of making fun of him, okay?

-NetMafia Mission Control

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

((Topic opening soon in BeachNet))