Mission Request #4

Hey there, Nitro here again, looking for more opportunities to help out the Teksqp. If Jailbird's about to start something, I wouldn't mind helping her out, but whatever you've got is fine.


(Difficulty **** Requested)
If you want to help out Jailbird, here's the mission she's currently working on. It's not gonna be fun or easy though, so watch out. Even a slew of faction points might not be worth it.

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In light of recent events, the Head Family is reopening investigations of the case involving Mime's betrayal of the Teksqp family. Each of the operators assigned to that case, including Mime's, who has since quit, possessed a briefcase; they linked to temporary use homepages which we have long since investigated. We have not, however, looked at the cases themselves. There is a possibility that if any of those briefcases were being used for actual file storage, we may be able to obtain new information. We would like you to obtain the information by any means necessary. Please have your operator meet with Ferris McDougal at the attached location. Thank you.


Jailbird's op, Melissa Cage, recently requested aid, but you would be the first to respond. If you want to accept, post again and we will give you the "coordinates," so to speak.

-Teksqp Mission Coordinator
Chris here, we accept. Just let me know where I need to go, and I'll head over immediately.

-Chris Harper, operator of Nitro.exe
We will send word ahead so that she knows you're coming. Melissa Cage will meet you at an ACDC establishment called "Bowl'N Bones," where a party is being held somewhat later today. The party was advertised as mandatory for Teksqp operators, but it will be just you, Melissa, and the item carriers. It is essential that you do not alert any of them to the setup. If you must speak to Melissa about it, please do so with the utmost discretion. She will give you more details once you arrive.

-Teksqp Mission Coordinator

((Topic opening soon in ACDC))
Great, I'm in ACDC, so it shouldn't take me too long to get there. I'll be sure to be as discrete as possible.

-Chris Harper