Alright, Lets do this

Our side is losing this war. We are in disarray and caught up in a meaningless petty mish-mash of failure. I propose we get a large crew of our greenest members and have them toughen up a bit out on the net.

I will watch over them to make sure they don't explode.


(Request * rank warmup mission.)
Some tough words coming from a greenhorn, but that ain't bad of a proposal. We'll cause some havoc and whatnot throughout some nets to keep a constant reminder of our "presence" to the people all around...But you won't be the one leading the parade, no, you'll be paired up with someone else who actually knows what to do.

Head over to NAXA network towards the coordination attached with this message. If you really want to lead, prove yourself. All things are rightfully earned, one way or the other, so don't think you can be hotshit from the getgo.


((Mod locked by Goroke))