Mission Request

Let's see... ah yes. I've been meaning to ask this for sometime. I would not mind trying to do a mission to improve the... 'image' problem people seem to have with the Mafia. I mean hey, the organization must've do some charitable work right? While I do believe medical science is a double-edged sword, I would not mind trying something that would be more well-received.


(Perhaps something within Techari? I should ask.)
Good to hear from you, DNR. Techari doesn't need any more slackers than we are already carrying.

Really, we need to start cleaning up the family from the inside out, but that's a difficult job. Public perception would be a fine place to start. I don't know the details, but JankenMan of Creel has put together a program at Dentech University for children, having Mafia members teach for a day. It might sound trivial, but I expect you to take the mission very seriously.

Meet up with JankenMan and a few of your Techari associates at these coordinates. Most importantly, remember: I am not in the mood for failure.


*Coordinates.DAT attached*

((Topic opening in Dentech Net shortly))
Received! I must say I'm impressed that such an opportunity is available! I specialize in one-to-one lectures but a group one would be quite the interesting experience!