Mission Request

((Requested Mission Difficulty: *))

Hi there.
As a new member of the Teksqp, I'd like to begin serving the NetMafia as soon as possible, as well as get to know the Navis that I'm going to be working with. Just point me at something to blow up and I'll be there in no time!

((Thread re-opened))
Well, aren't you excited?! Meet me up at ACDC network, you'll know who you're gonna look out for when you get there. Stay sharp, kiddo.

Well, I'm back, and the mission was a success. Like I told Delmont, if you ever need anything done, Mr. Honeywell, you can count on me in the future.

Honeywell could not respond your message, but he did notify that the 'mission' was a success. Here are your faction points you can use for our shops. Spend it well, rookie.

-NetMafia Operative

*20 Faction Points transferred*