Greetings one more time!

Okay there all you Mafiosi! I've rather felt pretty... well... inadequate as of late... losing to this monkey girl and then to a fiery Genie via a malfunction of a volcano... it can get a guy right into his warrior's heart, metaphorically speaking. I do bequeath a way for some fun to happen of course.

Hard luck eh? Well, no matter... I have a job for you that only you, with your particular talents, can do for me. If you agree to take this job, I will have you meet with an associate who will give you the details and everything you need to complete this mission. While I can promise you the rewards will be great, it will be extremely dangerous, so think it over before accepting.

I look forward to your reply. ~ Coda
Well... particular talents you say, Miss/mister Coda? Well... I shall be sure to be as courteous and honorable to this associate as possible. In other words, I accept.

Very good then. We'll be in touch. ~ Coda
Well, I am back from my little reconissance dear Coda. Enclosed please find a thorough report on my findings. Improvisations were done, weird things happened but I'm sure it's understandable.



P.S. I guess it's to keep the NM on it's toes but Bastion says "hello".