Any services need doing?

Does anyone need anything done, especially any of the families. The Techari, for example, I have heard might have a great multitude of tasks that need doing, and I would be pleased to do them. Obviously because of my skill-set a partner is preferred, but not required.

Rewards would be whatever they deemed me worthy of, but nothing specific necessarily.

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Additionally as it seems there is nothing in specific that needs doing...

I have become aware that the Chip Shop, run my that chump Soryu makes very nice profits. No way the chips they sell are worth that much. Likewise, they have this chip trader out front, trade in three chips to get one random chip. Yeah, sure, it is a usually a better chip, but no way does the guy not make massive profits off of that thing. I bet he also has safeties in there, so he always ends up making money. A classic gambling operation, house always wins..

Anyway, we might want to looking into getting in on some of that. Additional profits are always good for the family.

We... have a different mission for you.

The target is a factory in Yoka Net. What the NetPolice are doing there, we do not know, but they are mass producing something. It is foretold from our information sources that destroying this factory will be a major blow to the organization.

Our contact will be waiting for you at the attached location. Get in, destroy the factory, and get out. If you wish to figure out what's going on, do so if you wish.

Return here for a 1000z reward.

Be on your guard.


[Attached: Coordinates.DAT, BombAlpha.DAT, BombBeta.DAT, BombGamma.DAT]

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Is it acceptable if I bring someone who is contractually bound with me? I will not tell him any more than is necessary, having a patsy could be useful though.... Who knows he might even be of some help besides that. I will personally kill him if he tries anything funny.

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Fine. We'll inform our informant of the situation.

Hm, it seems the Techari do say to take a sample of whatever the NP is mass producing if you could. Here's something to help with that.


[Attached: Bag]
Mission completed.

Location Destroyed, there may be witness' but our inside help almost certainly dealt with them.

I also found something very interesting in the basement. Some sort of horrible experimental lizard. Attached is the remains of it I was able to obtain, aswell as the requested weapon aswell as associated components.


Attached: Bag.DAT, SerializardoTail.DAT
Good work. I've received the report from your supervisors to confirm the completion of the mission.

As promised, here is the paid amount.

We look forward to more of your help.


ATTACHED: 1000z.

[Splitman LOSE: Bag.DAT, SerialLizardoTail.DAT]

I am aware of the confines of our previous deal, however... would it be possible to instead of obtaining this 1000z obtain an SP after a small amount of additional work. At the very least I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me the results of your research on the police weapons or lizard tail.

I mean not to say you are wronging me by paying me the agreed upon amount, I am simply looking to see if I could expand my gains from this point onward.

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Just... uh.. contact me here is you are willing to give me that SP mission then, or anything else where I can be of significant use.