Netpolice Mission

Hey, have any of you clods checked the Netpolice mission boards lately? They've sent out some sort of investigative team, that's gotten "lost."
You to blame, Mafia?
I'm not accusing, just curious. If it's needed, I'll go to the mission. If they're trying to get one of our units, whether we know it or not, I'll take 'em out, and if they're not, we've just gotten useful recon on a Netpolice mission.
Sound good?

-Shigeru Yamada
You'd be wise not to throw your weight around, newbie. We have no record of any operations in that area and according to what data we have they appear to be investigating in a viral red-zone, a most hostile area. We generally avoid such places, as the locals tend to disagree violently with outsiders. However, despite their warped morals the NetPolice are no fools. They would not delve into a heavily infected area without a meaningful reason.

We are curious about this development. And since you have generously offered, we will place the task of recon upon you. You have permission to accept the NetPolice mission. Find out what they are doing and discover as much as possible about the area or object of interest without compromising yourself.

- Contact Green
Alright, "Green." Nothing of particular specifics that I'd be able to report, but here's the important stuff about what we found...

    [li]We found this "IDT Squad" fighting off hordes of viruses deep in Netfrica, around a structure.
    [li]The structure seemed to have some sort of effect on the viruses, because it would flash a light out into the forest around it, whereupon viruses would swarm the area.
    [li]No viruses made it to the structure proper, but the Netpolice grunts guarding it seemed to know more than my partner and I; we were informed that something bad would happen if the viruses touched the structure.
  • We fought them off, but it didn't seem that they were done coming when we left. No, we only left because the Netpolice left, and at that point, the mission we'd been given was over.

So, long story short, this thing has the ability to call viruses, to make them more deadly in some way upon contact with the structure, the Netpolice are investigating it, and it's in one hell of a location to try to defend for extended periods of time. Though, it might not be the worst of ideas to investigate this thing's ability to summon viruses.

In any case, there's the results, make of them what you will. We're done, for now.

-Yamada and Voltman
Alright, benefactors, mission number two. And this time, I know for a fact that you're involved. The NetPolice are sending me out to stop your reinforcements from reaching a factory of some sort. My allegiance is clear, but I have to ask. Just what kind of a factory is this? I don't want to go around helping you destroy a factory that makes shoes for homeless orphans, or something.

The NetPolice aren't too keen on information, though.

-Shigeru Yamada
You've both made a standing for yourselves with that last mission. A man behind enemy lines is a useful one. The information has been noted and a bonus of 1500 Zenny has been wired to your account.

As for this next trial, we believe the correct route should be to aid our forces in any way possible. However, this kind of conflict puts your ruse in jeopardy. There are too many of them to dispose of before you are discovered, which is an unnecessary loss. A plan is devised, so fear not.

Taking the factory is no longer a viable option, but there is something we dearly seek to reclaim. You must make sure that the reinforcments reach the factory. This means going with the intercept team and eliminating them. We will provide you with a small encrypted line of communication to the head of our forces. Give him the strengths of the party and organise a trap. After they have been wiped out, "retreat" to the factory and report of their defeat.

Once our forces arrive, the NetPolice will be too distracted to notice you slipping in and retrieving the module. It is key to our plans and it would take much longer than we desire to craft a new one. Drop it outside the factory, out of sight. An agent will be sent to collect it. Once that is done, you are free to aid the NetPolice and engage our forces. They are disposable, and your position is more valuable.

As per all our assignments, you will be reimbursed for necessary expenses should you succeed. Our cause is just, and your talents are profitable.

-Contact Green

P.S.: And no. Our orphan-targeted products are manned in Yoka.