Greeting Malefactors!

Like the title says, greetings! As a navi of science, I would love to request a mission, not for any monetary rewards... or for upgrades. Well the reward will depend on you really, I rather wanna see what help a navi such as myself could be.

Fine. We've got a report of an enraged Navi in the depths of Hades Net. We suspect the Navi to be of the Fire element and strong as told by our scouts. We want you to go in and convince this Navi to join our cause.

We'll take care of support and will send the coordinates once we've arranged a meeting position. This might take a small bit of time. We've got your e-mail so it will be sent there once it's done.

PS. Our insiders have stated that the NetPolice is also involved in the hunt for this Navi. Eliminate them if you encounter them. We cannot let them get this Navi before we do.

(( Mod: Shuryou ))
Sure, okay, alright and very well.

Ahahahhh... wondrous fun mission. Mission has been taken over from Arcwhale. She has expressed that it is her mission from that point on and I was declined the ability to help. How interesting that such powerful cybernetic animals can create such raw power...

Arcwhale.EXE? We have no record about a Navi with that name. The support we arranged for you were two Navis by the names Napalm.EXE and Icicle.EXE. I guess they were taken out before they could get to the coordinates and stripped from the information, thus giving this Arcwhale the knowledge where to go. But I guess you still did your job, although you failed. We'll let you know if we find out more.

Reward: 1500 z
....She got the info from them huh? That seems needlessly coincidental of all of this to happen! But alas we did our duty... interesting...