Greetings from the Global Network Administration (GNA).

This is the mission request board hosted by the GNA, a neutral network administration organization, to allow capable NetBattlers to tackle mission requests submitted to the GNA by various organizations, corporations, and even the average citizen world wide. The GNA acts as an intermediary in these matters by filtering these mission requests, and sending the appropriate assignment to a NetBattler volunteer based on their capability. All that is required of volunteers is the attainment of certain recognized levels of capability, and a quick post on the mission BBS stating the type of mission they wish to undertake.

Missions offered by the GNA are as follows:

    [li]Standard Missions are readily available at any time, as the needs of the network users are many. Standard missions offer one or more of the following rewards, to be declared upon request:

    -A GMO

    Finally, volunteers may request specific Navi Customizer Pieces or Battlechips as rewards, and the GNA will attempt to find a mission request with that caliber of reward as an option. This is not guaranteed, however, and requests for exceptionally rare or valuable battlechips or NCPs are generally frowned upon. If you feel you would be up to the challenge that a mission requiring such recompense would entail, however, then by all means you may make such a request...

    [li]SP Missions may be taken starting at Level 5.
    SP missions are (eventually, much) harder than standard missions, and only continue to grow in difficulty for each successive SP mission after the first. Make sure to prepare yourself well in advance before undertaking an SP mission if you wish to come back alive.

    [li]A Rogue Net Access Qualification Mission may be taken starting at level 15.
    This type of mission can only be taken once. As the reward for this mission is early access to the second level of the network, these missions will be of high difficulty, and should be prepared for extensively. The board administrators would like to request that only veteran NetBattlers attempt missions of this kind.

  • A Chaos Net Access Qualification Mission may be taken starting at level 35.
    This type of mission can only be taken once. These missions are exceedingly difficult, requiring true mastery of combat, and thus should only be taken if you are highly confident in your skills, and well prepared. The rewards for these missions are early access to the Chaos Networks, the third level of the network tiers.
It should be noted that the GNA holds its clients accountable to pay for successful completion of a mission. However, in the event mission objectives are failed, the contractual agreement is voided, releasing the client from their obligation to pay the Netbattler for their services, if they so wish. The GNA cannot be held liable for any danger or difficulties encountered during a mission, and cautions all volunteers to prepare properly before the start of a mission. The GNA stresses its neutrality, and will not turn down prospective clients with the understanding that missions given do not adversely affect the global stability of the networks.

The Global Network Administration would like to thank all volunteers for their continued service in supporting the global network.