Mission Request

"Greetings, hardworking officials. After my triumphant first mission, I realize my appetite for experience cannot be sated so easily. Thus I come again to request another mission that is well suited within my capabilities. This time, I feel as though a battle mission would not do because after all, I don't think a butler Navi should engage in excessive rowdiness. Instead I would request a mission that will push my capabilities of athleticism, perhaps involving lots of climbing. In the case of rewards, my Operator is short on Zenny due to my inconvenience and I wouldn't want to overburden him. It's not wrong to have a capitalist mind once in a while, ho?"'

--Chrosa.EXE, Navi of Zed Pellin--
Very well, we should be able to accommodate your request. Please read below and respond if this mission will be acceptable or if you'd rather be provided another.

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Hello there!

Do you know the pains of a mother? Neither do I, though I dream some day I may have a glimpse, to better empathize. All the same, one pain no mother should have: losing her children! Her adorable babies! And yet here I sit, with egg in hand: an egg that no doubt some mother has misplaced or lost! I found it here at the base of a great mountain. There's nothing for it but to return the egg to its proper place!

However... the cliff's face is quite flat and quite vertical. I can find no way to get a foothold, or I'd deliver it myself! No, I need a heroic navi to make the journey himself, to the nest undoubtedly waiting at the top of this hill. Someone who can move up walls, fly, or perhaps even teleport long distances would be ideal. I don't expect any opposition on your way up, though perhaps a testy mother at the top. Obviously, no harm should come to the mother, whoever she may be! Just a happy reunion with her precious egg.

At the base of the mountain at the coordinates I've supplied the GNA, you will find me and my dear friend, DramaMan. The two of us are both begging you, prospective hero: return the egg to its proper place at the summit of this hill!

Tearfully yours,

-Global Network Administration
*sniffle* "Such plea brings virtual tears to my eyes. How could I ever refuse such a request? Do not worry, for I have the capabilities to bring such egg to its rightful kinsfolk. My tentacles can easily surmount mountain terrain with careful planning. I accept this request with valor and determination."
"I'm down with this. I feel sorry for the mother too. [sup]Though is it a Navi with an offspring? Never heard of one...[/sup]"

--NetNavi Chrosa.EXE and Operator Zed Pellin--
Good then. We will inform the poster of your acceptance. If you have questions about the origin of the egg, we recommend you direct them to the poster himself once the two of you meet. You'll find the mission coordinates attached.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

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