Mission Time

"Hello, this is a resident octopus Navi requesting a mission for the ACDCNet area. I would prefer a more lenient task as I'm not fully accustomed to the area. The amount of reward too given isn't important as I seek the experience and thrills of it. As a famous Yumlandian nationalist had put it, live your life as if you were to die tomorrow; and learn as if you were to live forever."

-Chrosa.EXE, Navi of Zed Pellin-
Dear Chrosa.EXE,

There has been reports of an unknown virus in one of the data transfer lines in ACDC Net. Please investigate this virus. Should you choose to accept this mission, a special tracking program has been attached to this response. It contains a homing beacon created from a small signature trail of the reported virus. Thank you for your assistance.


[Attached: UVRS_ACDC.W64_]
'Sounds like a plan. I will readily accept this offer.'
"Good news mysterious admin! I'd completed the grueling yet exciting task and I've returned to report my status. I've also kept the beacon to show proof that the beast is fully dissipated. See? It is not blinking anymore. Thus I hereby come to collect my reward, no matter how frugal the amount is."
P.S. "Although, the beacon may be inactive due to a hit by a high collision transporter, I'd readily allow you to revoke my reward if the evidence is in an unsatisfying condition..."

Chrosa.EXE, NetNavi of Zed Pellin

[Brought: UVRS_ACDC.W64_]
Dear Chrosa.EXE,

Thank you for your cooperation in eliminating this viral threat. We have confirmed the status of the virus as having been removed. As for the reward of the mission provided, please accept this battlechip data that has been recovered from some remnants of the virus. We look forward to dealing with you again in the future. Thank you.


[Attached: RageClaw2Damage: 70 + Slashing (Attack) OR 35 + Impacting (Throw)
Accuracy: B / B then B
Description: Creates an impressive bear claw. Can be used to slash or throw enemies or objects.
Duration: Until Overridden/Broken. Breaks automatically after 6 uses.
Element: Null
Special: Throw: The wielder must first grab the target to be thrown, then the target is thrown in the direction/area indicated. A second check is made if against another object/enemy. Throw deals damage to both thrown object/enemy and the second object/enemy. Damage occurs at point of collision with the ground/wall/ceiling/etc. or an object/enemy, not during initial grab attempt. Objects deal their max HP in damage (instead of the chip's damage) if they hit an object/enemy, then break. If they miss, the object just takes the chip's damage. This chip has a variety of uses.
Trader Rank: C