Reporting for desk duty

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Requesting a mission.

My combat capabilities are minimal at this time. We prefer zenny but are not indisposed to basic battlechips.
- Avery The Policeman
Greetings Avery,

We always welcome new hands to help out and can offer you a wide variety of entry-level missions for newer navigators. Please take a look at this recent posting for assistance and let us know if it suites you.

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Hi there!

My name is Narcoleptina, and my gran needs me to but some things for her, from a market in the Kotobuki nets. Normally, I'd take a friend with me, but everyone is busy today, and I really shouldn't go alone... it's complicated. So, anyway, I was wondering if you could please send someone to escort me there and back? It won't take long, and I can pay!


The poster has pre-allocated several reward options with us in advance. Please let us know if you find this posting acceptable, and we'll forward you the mission address. If this is not satisfactory, we can certainly find a different mission for you.

-Global Network Administration