After cleaning out the subtype closet, a few abilities have been changed or replaced to address some long-standing issues and/or awkwardness. The affected subtypes are, as follows:

Speed - High Gear has had its dodge bonus redefined, the accuracy reduction dropped, and in exchange was given immunity to Slow.

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High Gear: Increases base evasion chance (Dodge, Feint, Movement) by 10% for all attempts, and grants immunity to Slow. Does not apply to the Self Slow nerf effect.

Team - One for All has dropped its level scaling, so that it caps out at 2 allies linked up.

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One for All: Damage inflicted to an ally is evenly split between you and them. An ally must consent to this effect before it counts them as an ally. You can only have 1 ally connected to you at any time.

Shadow - Metaphysical has been replaced in favor of a new passive, Assassin.

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Assassin: The first attack against an enemy whose last attack wasn't against you deals 20% bonus damage. This ability can trigger again if the enemy performs another attack that does not target you.

Ground - Anchor has been replaced in favor of a new passive, Pathfinder, and Geomancer has been given a major rework to make it useful in more cases yet still balanced.

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P: Pathfinder: All Ground attacks gain an additional Accuracy rank. Accuracy with Ground attribute attacks cannot surpass A rank.
A: Geomancer: As a free action, imbue to a non-elemental chip attack to have it take on the element of the terrain you are standing on. Converts 10% of the used terrain to Normal per target of the attack. This ability fails and converts all applicable terrain if there is not enough convertible terrain for the imbued attack. (Once Per Turn)

If you have a Speed, Team, Shadow, or Ground Navi or SP then you can change subtypes with no questions asked if you feel you need to. If you aren't one of these subtypes but feel they fit your character better now, just change them with justification as usual.