Surprise Gift Mission

Hello! I'm Hippie, and I want to wish everyone who works at this super-cool mission place a super-cool-wonderful day! Because you're probably all really super-cool too and I don't know how many times people tell you that you're super-cool so I thought I'd make sure that you knew that everyone here thinks that you're, like, the coolest of supers!

Oh right! I wanted to ask if there was anything that a beginner navi could help with? My friend's been a little antsy lately, and I wanted to surprise her with something to do that could, maybe, help someone out of a jam? She's really into that kind of thing! Y'know, helping the needy, feeding the sick, taking the credit for heroic services rendered... That sort of thing! Also, money!

So, whatcha got, super-cooly-duper-dudes?

-Hippie, the Happy Goth (But not Torrent!!!)

Thank you for your kind words. I often feel that my work as an anonymous GNA handler is not appreciated as it should be.

Please take a look at the below mission and verify if it meets your friend's needs.

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Greetings from the BestMan Company!

You may know me from one of my self-help seminars or perhaps one of my many ongoing world record accomplishment and accomplishment-sustaining efforts. If you don't know me, fear not! I'll be happy to tell you all that you want to know... after this mission.

I've lost an important member of the BestMan Company. I have many subordinates here at BestMan Company, but I cannot overstate the value of this crucial helper. I'd go so far as to say my very life may depend on retrieving her. A group of scummy pirates... I don't know which one, there are a lot of pirates around the net I'm touring... but one of those groups of viruses has kidnapped my important helper, probably intending to ransom them.

Normally, I'd do the rational thing and negotiate the ransom, contact the NetPolice, or better yet, mount a daring rescue myself. However, and I can't state this enough, I need to get the subordinate back ASAP. I also, however, need to give one of my seminars. So, of course, I'm looking for YOUR help (that's right, you!) to get me through this! You'll retrieve her while I instruct hopeful achievers and doers, who just need the extra push from the best in the business: BestMan! Please respond to the GNA if you're interested and I'll await your arrival. Everything else will be explained face to face. Prepare to meet me in person, backstage, bring you BestMan: the BestMan experience!

Be the best!


P.S. Don't worry about the pirates and everything. I mean, it's going to be easy, in and out. Seriously! I'd do it myself if I wasn't conducting a seminar. These pirates are NOBODY against BestMan, and will thus be NOBODY to you, since you'll have my before-mission lecture to inspire you!

If you believe your friend would be interested, please respond. Although it's not mentioned in this mission advertisement, we have verified that the employer has means to pay; whether the reward will be a fixed amount or a negotiable sum is something that you would need to discuss with them in person.

-Global Network Administration
Thank you! That was the perfect thing! She said yes and we accept! Tell us where ultra BestMan is waiting for us, Great Network Awesomeperson!


Good. We'll inform the employer of your acceptance and provide the mission coordinates. We wish you luck.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

((Mission topic opening soon in Beach Net))