A NetNavi and Operator looking to make a name for themselves.

Hey, ummm, hi, my name is Masuku.EXE or just Masuku for short. My NetNavi is called Joshua Galaco but you can just call him Josh, if you want to.
But anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any standard missions we could try to do or just lend a hand in. We aren't asking for much of a reward, just a Battlechip or Zenny, we would be fine with deleting viruses, thank you in advance! Bye.
Greetings Masuku!

Don't worry, the GNA accepts all willing hands, whatever their capabilities. We have got a few entry-level tasks that could use a navi's attention. Please take a look at this posting, and let us know if it's suitable for you.

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I'm sorry to ask over such a trivial matter, but my operator has tasked me with carrying an important package to a friend's location, and I'm rather more afraid of the journey than I ought to be. It's not a particularly dangerous place, and I know I'll probably be alright, but, I would really appreciate some company on the road, so to speak. It would make me feel much safer. I'd normally just ask a friend to go with me, but, well, I don't exactly have any who are available at the moment.

There is the possibility that we may encounter some virus presence, even though I don't think it's likely, so whoever responds to this should be prepared to defend themselves from low level threats at least.

Sorry again to hassle the GNA with such a small concern, but, I find I'm quite nervous, alone.


If you find this request to be one you'd like to fulfill, we can put you in touch with the requester and send you their location details.

-Global Network Administration
Yeah, that sounds like a great mission, sounds fun too! So, yeah, I accept the mission!
Very well. We've notified the client that her request has been answered, and we'll attach her co-ordinates for you. Good luck!

-Gloabl Network Administration

Attch: Mission.Dat