By Divine light! Pyromancer and Andrew take a mission!

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To those inquiring about work to be done...

I am Andrew O'Leary, priest of the beloved Chantry of Amaterasu, and alas, I am out of luck... To those willing to give payment for virus busts
or general tasks for a low level navi, please message me back, for I am scraping what few Zenny I have to get by. If you can find any task that pays, again, let me know...

Please view the below request and respond if you are interested.

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Greetings, my name is Oath.EXE, appointed pastor of the Doves in Love NetVegas Net branch. My operator, Dolly Chapelin, is currently outside of NetVegas, visiting Okuden Valley. We are on the track of a wayward girl, first name "Roxy," no second name, who is 18 and a freshman in college. We gather she lives somewhere in this area and has been "pranking" people in a harmful way throughout this area. I feel that the hand of religious guidance has been missing in her life for some time and seek an able-bodied, devoted religious disciple (any faith acceptable) to help me reach out to her. My operator will be waiting for you in Okuden Valley, specific location to be delivered upon acceptance of the mission. I have temporarily... lost contact with her... so I can only hope that she remains in her last given location. She should be there, but if she isn't, she won't have wandered too far.

Our mission will be to reach out to the wayward youth and pull her onto a proper path. Of course, we can't expect the fruits of our works in just one session, but so long as we make the effort, that will be enough. While a good deed is its own reward, I also understand that all of God's children, at times, require the currency of the earth so that they may continue to live for His glory. For that reason, I am offering a monetary reward as well.

Your navi's assistance may be required as well. No particular qualifications are necessary.

If you wish to accept this mission, we will render to you the details of the meet-up point in Okuden Valley.

-Global Network Administration

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I am very grateful, Oath, me and my Navi will set forth once more concise locations have been given. We
again appreciate your help. I am not too familiar with this messaging system, so forgive me if my responses or messages to you are a bit short.


Very good. Please proceed to Beamer's, home to a guide/tour service in Okuden Valley. You should be able to reach it fairly easily after entering Okuden Valley, although there is a brief uphill hike involved. Per the instructions of the employer's navi, note that the operator may have wandered somewhat from the given location. If, for some reason, you cannot meet up with the employer, please report them to us and we will issue you a new mission.

-Global Network Administration

((Topic opening shortly in Okuden Valley))