Need a Fix

My Navi is, uh... stuck in one of her GMOs, and I can't do anything client-side to remove it. If you could provide a tool or something to disable the lock, that'd be great. If that doesn't meet the minimums for mission compensation, I guess a flat zenny payout would do.

--Mill Alidine

We have two requests that fit your criteria. Please let us know which you're interested in accepting or if you'd like us to continue searching the database. Thank you.

Quote (Offer #1)

This is Bats, leader of the Southern Kotobuki Network Bats. I know somebody who can help you with your problem: Belts, of the Northeastern Kotobuki Network Belts. If you're willing to help out the Bats, I don't mind putting together a meeting between you and the Belts. I'll also pay you for the work you do. Two birds with one stone: you help me with some odd jobs and I pay you, then I get you to Belts so she can help you out of that getup. Works out well, doesn't it?

So you know, when we're talking odd jobs... Well, the Bats are a noble society. We do things for the good of the general public. Maybe not the same things the NetPolice do... But we Bats are good. And Bats never lies.


Quote (Offer #2)

The way I hear it, you need two things... money and the removal of a .GMO. I can get you both. My name is Belts, of the Northeaster Kotobuki Network Belts. Me and my friends are in the business of helping people for free. That means we haven't got a lot of cash, but what I do have is connections. I can get you out of that GMO you're stuck in right away, then you do a few favors for me and the good people of Kotobuki and I'll hook you up with Bats, leader of the Southern Kotobuki Network Bats. She owes me some money and I'll tell her to give it right to you. Sounds great, doesn't it?

To clear the air, we're really talking about helping people. The Belts are good guys. Now, we may not be "good" the same way the NetPolice are "good," but we fall well within the laws. Trust me: Belts always keep their words.

They're both a referral to each other... Why don't either of them just offer to fix the problem themselves, if the other one says they're able to?

-Mill Alidine

Who cares, I just want out of this thing. We'll take offer 1, whoever wrote number 2 talks in an annoying way.


... Well, we're taking offer 1 then.

-Mill Alidine

Very well. Please have Anyis report to the attached coordinates in Kotobuki Net. Thank you.

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

((Topic opening soon in Kotobuki Net))