Services for pocket change

"This is Shisho.EXE, fresh-level battler and scribe-based Navigator. Seeking employment for funding of Operator's entertainment. Kindly consult for more information." - Regards, Shisho.EXE

We have a new mission that you may be interested in. Payment is in cash. We should mention that the GNA has no record of the requestor or his navi, so if you feel insecure about the intent of the client to render payment, please let us know.

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Sir or Madam Navigator,

My navi and his friends need help obtaining employment. A public service center on the net shall be the site of their search, where a job fair is currently taking place. They will require guidance and a credible third party to vouch for their character. You shall fill each of these roles as you accompany my navi.

-Must look trustworthy, well-kept appearance is a plus
-No criminal record
-Not a member of the NetPolice or NetMafia
-Not an employee of the Hera's Fortune casino or Prima Java coffeehouses
-Average English speaking skills

I will pay 1000 for each navi who acquires an interview or job offer and an additional 1000 for especially excellent jobs. Potential earnings are 6000z. Interested parties, please respond and I will send you meetup coordinates. Good day.

-Sir Neville C. Twist

It is an odd request, but if you are interested, please let us know.

-Global Network Administration
I do have my doubts about the requestors' credibility, but it seemed too interesting to pass up a 'mission' like this one. Count me in, please. - Shisho.EXE
Very well. Please head to the attached coordinates in NetVegas Net.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

((Topic opening soon in NetVegas))