Hunting for Jobs


I am Nimbus.EXE, a weather-themed NetNavi, currently seeking a job. Cash payment is fine, however a Wood-type chip would also be accepted.

I am skilled at analyzing weather patterns (I was partially designed for it), and am also fluent in several foreign languages. I have no problems working with a partner.

If the job requires me to have a partner, have them meet me in NetSquare by the portal to AC/DC.

Well now, if you are looking for a job, this is a place to find some!

From what you've listed, it almost feels like you may be overqualified for such a job we have to offer you. But nonetheless, we need manpower and you need some rewards to get thing going!

We have received a request from various Navis that a certain part of ACDC is suffering from a glitch of sort. From what we gathered, it seems like there are different type of Data-weather patterns showing up that shouldn't be found in the ACDC Network region whatsoever, and we would like you to find out more about this. The weather problem seems to be the only thing going on, no change in the virus patterns or possible danger to the Network structure, so take your time and analyze to your heart's content! We will provide you with a temporary NaviCust to help you find the source of all this disturbance, and once you're done with that, we will be happy to reward you for for all the trouble you will go through!

Good luck, Nimbus.EXE. [[url=]Destination: ACDC Network[/url]]



((Moderator: Goroke))
I accept the job offer. It seems exactly the kind of thing I would do well at.

Well then! Please proceed to the coordinate that was included in the previous post. We look forward to seeing a good result!