Starting out simple

Hello Internet! My name is Gretchen, and my operator and I are fairly new to this whole "virus busting" thing, and were wondering if anyone out there could be of any assistance. You see, I need to get better at this whole thing, because Roger (He's my operator) needs some extra Zenny to pay the bills. Virus busting seems to be one of the quickest ways to get some extra cash, but I'm not very good at it just yet. If anyone has some sort of standard mission that needs to be taken care of, (preferably nothing too difficult, and maybe even with another navi or two?) just let me know. Practice makes perfect, right?

We may have a mission for you, if you meet the following two criteria as given by the employer:

1) You are no taller than 5'0."
2) You are nimble enough to traverse a large surface quickly.
3) You have no qualms with using your hands to throw ninjas off of a moving vehicle.

If you think you meet the listed criteria, you may be interested in the following mission:

Quote ()

"I need immediate assistance in saving my friend and ally, Alex, from the clutches of a certain witch. My name is Kama, and I am a ninja. Ordinarily I'd attempt a rescue myself, but a recent development has rendered my infiltration skills useless. My only choice now is a frontal assault. The problem is that if I charge the den of evil in my present state, I fear that my life could be irrevocably destroyed. I cannot sacrifice myself just yet; it is not what my master wishes and thereby, I simply cannot. I need someone to come with me and act as an aid. It may be a tricky task but I can provide you with some of my stock of ninja weaponry if you succeed, as well as an offer of monetary compensation. If you are looking to hone your skills or to gain powerful allies, look no further than this mission!"

+Alexis Shadow, Kama.EXE+

It's certainly difficult to make out what they're asking for, exactly, but we can promise they are good for the reward based on what they've left with us. Would you like to take this mission, or will you look for something else? If you choose to accept, we will furnish you with the mission coordinates.

-Global Network Administration
Woah, that sounds a little scary, but could make for quite the adventure... I'll do it! We'll never get any better by turning down missions, right?

That's a good attitude to have. The mission coordinates ate attached. Good luck.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

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