Mission Request

To whom it may Concern,

I am looking for a mission for my navi and I. Anything that involves a lot of fighting would be best. Guard duty, escort service, bouncer, bodyguard; basically anything with some muscle behind it. For payment, we are looking for an HP+100 navicust part. It is rather expensive of an item, so send whatever mission you can.

=Mark Kerf

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Greetings, Mr. Kerf. We've received a request transmission from the Hades Isle network that you might be interested in. Please respond soon if you are interested, the coordinates to the network sector will be released automatically when we receive your confirmation.

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Uh, yea, we got ourselves a bit of an uh, infestation problem. It's not even viruses, since we protected the area pretty well, but uh... well, you'll see when you get here. Just get here loaded with whatever arms you can find. I mean, we could technically take care of all of it ourselves, but it's not looking too good for just the two of us. We got them isolated into a section of our sector but they'll find their way out of that Escherian stuff sooner or later. We got a bit of a stash of old stuff lying around, could give up some of it to get our asses saved.

Sounds very interesting indeed. I think we could help them out. Pass over the coordinates so we can get over there fast. Thanks you!

-Mark Kerf

Trent.EXE is in standby
Thank you for your response, we will transfer the coordinate file to you now.


[Attached: HDS-4401P.DAT Coordinate File]