Mission Hunting: Chip Request

Looking to expand my battle experience as a NetNavi, can never get enough combat. Preferred to do battle or take on missions/jobs that will reward with basic fire type chips or sword-based chips. These are the chips I'm highly after:

1. Heat-V
2. FlmLine1
3. Sword
4. WideSwrd
5. FlmLine2

Should anyone require work done for them and are willing to pay in either Zenny or the requested chips then I will be more than willing to perform work.

Well, it seems like your navi wants something more exciting than regular virus busting? But we're afraid, in terms of overall level, you are not strong enough to take on missions that would reward you with tier 2 battlechips.

However, [FlameLine1] and [Sword] is a rather common chip, and we have a mission prepared for you where we will provide those two chips as your reward. If you choose to accept, make your way to the Electown Network and one of our navi will be waiting to debrief you.


Electown Network