Chip? got any?

Ember her! Iv been hering some talk on the dentech net about a few battle chips, and Id like to get my hands on one of thes, the chips Im wanting are thes:

All of thes look realie niec to have, and Im willin to do a faver for any of thes if ya got it.

((Note, the grammar was on purpose))
Please utilize proper grammar and spelling when accessing the GNA Mission BBS. If your grasp of the Netopian, Electopian, or other auto-translate compatible languages is lacking, the GNA would like to remind you of both your PET's speech-to-text function, enabled by tapping the mouth icon when creating a post on these boards, as well as its' intelligent spellcheck function, accessed either by requesting that your Network Navigator run the program, or in the tools\language subfolder of your PET's ROOT:>\main folder. Thank you for your patronage and understanding.

On to your mission request...

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Okay, so, my navi kind of lost her custom weapon. Now, you're probably thinking, "No problem, it's just a custom weapon, spawn another", right? Well... this one had battlechip data in it that I would really like back. The big problem here is that my navi also really loves Swordy viruses, so I kind of modeled it after a Swordy's sword...

...And she lost it when she spent the day with a colony of Swordy viruses.

So yeah, if you can find the sword and get it back, I'll gladly hook you up with something from that list.

Oh, and the sword is green.

Please reply with a properly-spelled acceptance or denial of this mission request.

I'll take things from here, my navis' internal spell check system got corrupt lately and I haven't gotten around to work on it.

Anyways, a retrieval mission would be perfect for testing my navigator's searching systems, so give us the coordinates of where you last remember losing this custom weapon and we will be right on it.
Mark Mastiff
[[Attached: Coordinates.vps]]

((The coordinates point to a location in Hades Net-- but you note with some surprise that it is cut off from the network at large. Seems your operator will have to take a trip to Hades Isle and look for a "VolComp".))