As of Monday of this week, Oracle has ceased support for Java6. Java6u45 is the final version of their most stable version of java to-date. However, they don't allow you to download it without registering with Oracle first, should you dig far enough in to find it in the first place.

This is rather sad, because as of the release of Java7u25, ParaChat support is reportedly dropped. If you upgrade from whatever version of Java you have now to 7u25, I cannot guarantee you will be able to use the chatroom here anymore. So far, everyone who had installed 7u25 has been unable to get into the chat, myself included during testing.

With that in mind, should you need Java6u45, contact myself or another forum administrator for copies of it, as I have distributed a zip package to all of them.

If support for the chat is restored in a later version of Java7 by Oracle, or ParaChat wakes up and fixes their client code to work with the altered Java7, I'll let you know.