Mission Request

To all whom it may apply,
I am looking for some freelance work. I have decided throughout my travels with my navi that a few upgrades are in order to properly given her the functions I think she requires for our experiment to be more successful. I am looking for a mission to give two or three of the powerUp upgrades, the ones that affect the buster I believe. I would prefer to avoid networks like Yumland but any other would be a good network to use. I eagerly await your response.

-Professor Fredrick Kales

M.Angel.213.EXE is in Standby Mode
{{Mission Bump}}
((Mod: Pocket))

Prof. Kales,

There is a client request looking for someone to escort their navi into a specific section of Hades Net in order to acquire some data.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, requires the following:
- Prevent the client's navi from activating its EJO procedure or being deleted.
- Travel with the client's navi to the data site.
- Continue to protect the client's navi until the data has been acquired.

Upon completion of these requirements, the GNA is prepared to offer the following in compensation:
- 3000z

Exact details of the mission will provided upon acceptance.

-Global Network Administration
This mission is right up our alley actually! 213 does best in situations such as these. It will also give me a chance for further information gathering. I'm excited already. Running at the mouth a bit I am, so I will just say I accept.

-Professor Fredrick Kales
Prof. Kales,

The navi you are required to protect is named ForgeMan.EXE and you are to meet him at the attached coordinates. We have already passed your information to the client, who is currently awaiting your arrival.

[attached: coord.dat]

-Global Network Administration