Chip Request

Hello there! Kat Stevenson here. My Navi is badly in need of a sword. You just can't be a knight without one. That being said, just any old sword won't do at all. I saw a Navi once with a flaming sword. I think the chip name was FireSword. It would be nice if I could get one for Durandal. However, I don't know where to find one and I definitely can't afford one right now. As such, I was wondering if I could receive one as payment for doing some odd jobs that need doing? Just let me know.


The following listing was posted by Showbizz, a well-known event organizer who has often cooperated with the GNA. We can verify the legitimacy of her offer:

Quote (Job Description)

Do you have a sword? Would you consider yourself to be one of the following types of people?

-Other type of figure who might wish to dress up in a historically themed costume and use a sword

If so, you're just the person we're looking for! The 3rd Annual Showbizz Generational Violence to Promote Current Day Peace event is starting soon. Could YOU be a part of it? Sure you could! Apply with the Global Network Administration office to reserve your spot in the action.

Runners Up will receive a knife of their choice!
Second place will receive a sword of their choice!
First place will receive a very rare BLADE chip of their choice!!!

What are you waiting for? Let's risk life and limb in the service of peace!

Your job requirements will be given at the workplace. All we know is that, based on previous events, you will be asked to dress as a historical figure and fight in competitions of swordplay. This should hold true for the current event as well, unless some conditions have changed. If you are interested, post here and we'll tell the organizer you're coming. They should send us the coordinates to deliver to you soon enough.

-Global Network Administration
Well, that sounds quite nice. So it is like a tournament of sorts and the prizes are various sword type battlechips. Yes, I would very much like to have my Navi participate in this event.

- Kat
Here are the homepage coordinates. We've signaled your employer already to be ready for your navi, Durandal's, arrival.

-Global Network Administration

*coordinates attached*

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