SP mission Request

Hello there again. I am looking to do another SP mission battle, since the first one didn't pan out as I had planned it to. This time my navi will be operating alone on the mission. Any of the networks would be fine, but for some reason he seems to be wanting a Beach or Dentech mission. Who knows. If there is anything in those neighborhoods for a mission, we'll take it.

-Mark Kerf

Trent.EXE is in standby.
Unfortunately, we don't have any specific missions involving either of those areas...however, there is one here that may prove interesting. Allow me to directly present it here:


I've come across an interesting test for NetBattlers, and would like the GNA to carry it out to see how effective it is. What makes it different is that it doesn't blindly involve the Navi rushing off to save the day...the Operator must do some of the work themselves.

Around various areas of DenCity, virus bombs will be placed on various objects in the Real World. It will take a certain trigger program to activate the bomb, which will then infect the PET with that program if it's placed next to it. Needless to say, this trigger will be given to the testee, and ONLY the testee. The Navi and Operator must locate these bombs using only the clue given to them, then fight the viruses off under their own power. Of course, there will be someone there to assist if things take a turn for the worse...

Once all of the bombs are defused, they must then head for a certain area to activate the final challenge. If they can emerge victorious, the mission is a success.

Of course, as the requester, I will provide all of the clues, and lists of viruses that should be fought. The GNA will provide the virus bombs, of course, since I'm a mere civilian, and lack the technology to provide such a thing. Not to mention their usual legality issues.

I eagerly await to hear how this turns out.

It may seem like an eccentric mission, but it is one of potential importance. Should you accept it, you will receive the trigger program for the virus bombs, and a copy of the various clues to their locations via e-mail. It is also worthy enough for a SP base to be given upon completion.

Will you accept this mission?
That is a rather interesting setup for a mission indeed. I rather enjoy it to be honest, I have been wanting to find a way to get my own hands a little into it. Trent often steals the show and does the work. This seems awesome to me! We accept!

-Mark Kerf

At least your part is about intelligence. I don't think you could do anything other than figure out puzzles well.

We have recently completed the Mission given to us. We were told by the mission Client that the GNA would be informed of this by him and that there would be attached goods as well. This was an enjoyable mission, thank you for it random operator.

-Mark Kerf

Trent.EXE is in Standby.
As you said, the requester attached some data to his report, with instructions to transfer it to you. Of course, we shall also present you with a SP Base. As the Navi said in his message, "Enjoy!"

AquaNeedle1 BattleChip
StarArrow1 BattleChip Data
WideSword BattleChip Data
YoYo1 BattleChip Data