SP Mission Request


My name is Katherine Stevenson and I would like to request a mission for my Navi, Durandal. If possible, I would appreciate it if I could receive a Support Program in exchange my cooperation. I eagerly await your response.


Greetings, Durandal. The following mission offers a SP base as payment, if you choose to accept. This mission just came in, delivered by a woman who was here at our own kiosk just moments ago. If you're not interested, reply and we will find another.

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Dark events conspire in All Hallow's Arbor.

A wicked mistress and her faithful brother weave a web of despair for both you, the guilty, and one, the innocent.

The power of evil shall spite you at every turn. Your knightly endurance will be crumpled like so much paper.

You will meet your end at the hands of those you have wronged.


Although the mission may seem unclear, meet-up coordinates were included and the payment was given to us as capital, along with the fee for hosting the request. Respond in the affirmative and we will send you the coordinates.
Well that...Certainly sounds interesting. I'm not entirely sure what this missive is referring to, nor who the author is. However, it sounds kind of important. My Navi and I will take the job, if only to figure out the mystery. Please send me the coordinates.

The coordinates provided will lead you to the meet-up point in Yumland. Good luck and remember: your own navigator and operator's personal safety should always come before mission rewards. The GNA takes the safety of employers and employees seriously. Note, however: if this mission is reported as fraudulent, we cannot reward you the SP base. It is in your best interest to complete the employer's expectations if possible.

-Global Network Admin

*Coordinates attached*
Mission accomplished. We met the demands of the employer.

- Katherine
Yes, the employer has already contacted us ahead to tell us that the mission was performed to their satisfaction. Thank you for fulfilling your obligations; please accept the listed reward.

-Global Network Admin

*SP Base attached*
It was our pleasure.

- Katherine