SP Mission Request

My Navi and I feel that we've reached the point in our busting career where an SP would be useful, so I'm here to request a mission that would give us the means to create one.

-Chris Harper, Operator of Nitro.exe
A wealthy investor who wishes to remain anonymous has expressed concern to us at the GNA about his cargo vessels being frequently hijacked during transport. He is expecting an important shipment tonight and would like an additional escort to ensure its safe arrival. He has expressed extreme aversion to NetPolice involvement and would prefer it if this was kept as a private matter. Upon successful delivery, we can reward you with an SP base program.

The coordinates and time of the shipment are enclosed in the attached file.

[Attached: Details.DAT]


((Netvegas, Middle of Nowhere))
((Mod: Pocket))
Alright, We'll be there shortly.

-Chris Harper
There was a minor setback at the beginning, but otherwise, we completed the mission as requested. It may have had a bit of an impact on my Navi, however. He hasn't said a word since he was jacked out. As such, he is unavailable for comment at this time.

-Chris Harper
The client has reported back with the success of your work and as such, your request for a support program base has been approved.

[attached: SPBase.DAT]