SP mission Request

Hello there GNA. I am posting up to get a mission worthy of receiving a SP unit as a reward. A SP would be useful, as it would be to anyone, and I want to adjust my navi to the net a bit more. A mission anywhere would be great for Trent, new areas are always worth exploring. Also, I have a partner selected for this mission, so it will need to be a tandem job.

-Mark Kerf

Trent.EXE is in Standby
There have been a some unverified theft and property destruction reports all around Beach Net. Before the NetPolice steps in to investigate, they would prefer a more reliable source than underage operators potentially making prank calls.

For obtaining solid evidence of these crimes actually being committed, we will reward you with one SP base program. For providing evidence that you have stopped the crimes altogether, we will grant you with an addional SP base program.

At this time, there is no indication for when the perpetrators will strike, if at all, so please be patient and thorough regarding your search.

-GNA (Mod: Pocket)
Alright, sounds good to me. I accept the mission. Once my navi meets up with his partner, I will head over to the area and begin the mission. Thank you.

-Mark Kerf

Trent.EXE is in internet city.