Mission for SP Unit

Greetings. I request to be assigned a mission to be completed in exchange for an SP program. My navi's relevant stats are listed below.

This request comes from...hey, wait, what are you doing? *KSHHHH*

"I'll take it from here, thank you. Sorry, this will work better if I speak directly. My name is ENA, I'm a networking navi working for SciLab. I've been tasked with shortcutting a data transport carrying sensitive data to a distant area of Netfrica Net. The only problem is, I've confirmed that there will be passengers on board the transport and because I'm shortcutting it we don't have a good way to react if anything were to happen.

Which is where you come in. I need you to board the transport as one of the passengers and make sure nothing happens. Should you choose to accept, the transport is leaving from outside the SciLab Server Gateway area, just past the NetSquare portal. It looks like a bullet train, you can't miss it.


((Mod: Asator))
Understood. I'll send in my navi shortly and have him board as per your instructions.