Mission request

I am a level 3 navi requesting a standard mission for training purposes as I require more net battling experience, available evenings and weekends or as my operator's full time employment permits.
Two navis out at sea in Beach Net have put in a request for aid bringing up salvage of some ancient craft, apparently made by navis. We're unsure what the trouble is, but apparently they've been at this for a long time and need support. We're not sure what your role in this will be, but if you agree to help, the contacts have promised a flat zenny reward of 1000 in addition to extra value added from any extra salvage that is brought up thanks to your efforts. Please inform us quickly if you intend to accept. The coordinates for the fishing platform have been given.

-Global Network Administrator

Reward: 1000z + additional depending on salvage

*Attached: Coordinates.DAT*
Mission accepted, I shall meet with the Navis as soon as possible.