The First Job

Pyroman walked to the Job BBS. After a period of consideration, he posted his message.

"Will work for chance to burn stuff."
It just occured to me that I should say that I am a level one navi looking to light stuff on fire......FOR THE FORCERS OF JUUUUSTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!
We've got reports from a navi named Armor that apparently some very important articles of her suit of armor have been stolen by a gang of navis in Netopia Net. For some reason the navis took off with them to different parts of the net. The victim has requested aid in reclaiming as many of the pieces of the stolen armor as possible. We can offer you either a cash reward or a .GMO for completion of this mission; please specify if you'd like to accept and which reward you expect to receive. The attached coordinates will lead you to Armor's meet-up point.

-Global Network Administrator

Reward: Either 1000z or a .GMO

*Attached: Coordinates.DAT*
Alright, I'm on it.