We are retiring Drakim Tabs.

See title.

Yes, we are completely removing support for Drakim Tabs in the near future. As such, we ask that everyone still using Drakim Tabs please convert over to Spoiler Tags. Any signatures not converted over before the move will be subject to administrative editing, as they will explode otherwise.

The link to the tab generator has been taken down. Members will no longer be able to generate new Drakim Tabs, and in a week or two, no Drakim Tabs will function at all.

Again, please convert your signatures over to Spoiler Tags as soon as possible. This is in an effort to make the forum less reliant on Java to function, and potentially as preparation for a move to ZetaBoards (which is more secure than IFPB). As such, feel free to post your picks for future ZB skins in Suggestions and Questions.

Additionally, it is advised that all users acquire NoScript and Ad-Block Plus (or their Google Chrome equivalents). It is no longer safe to surf the web with Java enabled without them. It is also advised to raise your Java security level to one notch below paranoid. These advisories come courtesy of the US government and multiple organizations and corporations, including Oracle, the makers of Java. This is not a joke. You have been warned.
----FireFox Users----

AdBlock Plus



----Google Chrome Users----

AdBlock Plus (Well what do you know, they're on GC, too.)

No Scripts


----Internet Explorer Users----

Consider. Some. Safer. Alternatives.


Please note that anyone who installs the 7u11 Java Patch will have their Java security automatically set to the earlier mentioned high setting for them. It is advised that you disable Java 7 and use Java 6 for the forseeable future.

Java 6

Once installed, if you don;t have it already, just go to [Start > Control Panel > Java], in the window that opens, go to the Java tab, click the View button, and uncheck all versions of Java 7. Hit OK, then hit Apply. You will have to restart your browser.

That should be everything.