Mission Request

Hello, Fujiwara Shin here.

I'm looking for a mission with a reward around the price range of 3000-5000z if you don't mind. Maybe another .GMO file would be cool too.

Got those difficult missions that are lying around needed to be conquered? I'm your man for the job.

-Fujiwara Shin

((I think Asator calls dibs on this.))
That's quite the hefty price range you're asking for. I believe we do have something for you though.

Recently a group of navis has set up a blockade on one of the busiest NetVegas paths and is demanding tolls from anyone passing through. The client has asked that they be cleared out, by any means necessary.

Do you accept?

Oh, sounds like a plan! We'll get 'em good!


Netvegas, huh? I wonder if they won't mind me going there, teehee~

We will have your reward for you when you return successful. Here's the coordinates, plug them into your PET and you should be able to jack in directly to that spot.


[Attached: blockcoords.dat]
Fujiwara reporting back.

Man that took a while, but the whole thing's dissolved.

We have just confirmed that the blockade is gone.

Your reward, as requested.


[Attached: 5000z]
Thank you very much.