Looking to help out!

Hello everyone, this is Vital here and I just wanted to say that I'm open to help out where needed! I've been really interested in one of those support programs (SPs) but I can't seem to find one on the market. I've heard that you can find them around here though, if you talk to the right people!

We can handle any request.

That's my Navi, he's been really gung-ho about doing something more exciting than cleaning up the nets.

Um, I guess I might be talking too much? I don't have mail set up yet so I'll check out this BBS for requests. Hope I can help ya!


Oddly, 'Vital' does not receive a reply on the BBS-- rather her PET receives a direct transmission.

"You can handle any request? Good! I need some assistance right now!" The message is very short and to the point-- the voice masculine and hurried... and attached to a set of coordinates.

Coordinates that keep moving.

They appear to be in Electown... though at this rate, they won't be for long.
Hi, ah, mission completed? We were able to apprehend the suspect and were told to message the NetPolice by Mistress.

Well, we were glad to help and will be around to help again, hopefully.

Ah, so you did-- we have it on record that you aided in the apprehension of two wanted felons, and are owed a reward.

We'll send you the Support Program through the mail. Look forward to it!

Thanks again for your help,

The Netpolice

((GAIN: Support Program))