Yuki's SP request

Hello, this is Yuki-Onna.Exe writing this post for my operator Aoi Fuyuki. I would like to request a mission where I hope to gain a support unit to help out with day to day net busting and future missions. While we are a fresh team, we hope to surprise you with our results.

Thank you for your consideration:

Yuki-Onna.Exe and Aoi Fuyuki.
Alright, a situation has just come up in Internet City. It's related to our mediation of the Netpolice/Netmafia dispute, but we do not care if you already represent one side or the other. A group of rioters are bordering upon violence outside just outside of the area designated as the premises of our contract, so there is little we can do to repel them. We would be willing to provide you with an SP if you can do effective crowd control.

This does not mean violence, however. Rather, we understand that a debate of some kind is being called at that location. The protesters have a navi to represent their side, but nobody has stepped up to represent the defense at this time. If you would like to be their defense, please accept this mission.

We recommend that you only take this mission if you are an open-minded person, as it is hard to say what exactly you will be defending. You may also want to come prepared to defend yourself, as you may become the target of violence; although, presently, it's not an active concern. To complete this mission successfully, represent your clients to a point where their leader feels satisfied in your work. Gain their approval and you will be rewarded with a new Support Program.

-Global Network Administration
Very well. We are more than happy to accept this mission. We will be sure to do our best to represent the side of our employer and make sure things go as peacefully as possible. Both sides should be fairly represented after all.
I hope that will be the case. Here are the coordinates, although it shouldn't be terribly difficult to find.

-Global Network Administration

*coordinates attached*

((Now you may simply make a topic in Internet City approaching the coordinates and I will moderate from there))
This is Yuki-Onna. I have returned from the mission and preformed to the best of my abilities. I hope my results were satisfactory?"
The employer has responded indicating that you fulfilled the mission requirements. Please enjoy your new SP.

-Global Network Administration

*SPBase.DAT attached*