Sp Mission Request

My recent busts have seemed a little lacking... So in an attempt to remedy this problem I have decided to request a mission in which I could gain a small companion to ease the loneliness, have anything in mind?

- Grey

Not again...

- Lex
We apologize for the late reply, but we haven't had many high-ranked requests come in lately. Fortunately, we've just had one come in. A Mr. Frame has just called in on an urgent matter, requesting help on a special task. Mr. Frame had only one condition for the task: that the person taking the request, both Operator and Navi, be not easily spooked.

Please respond if you are to accept this job.

- Global Network Administration
Not easily spooked eh? Well I can't really speak for Lex but it would take something pretty abnormal to 'spook' me as they would put it, I look forward to seeing whatever it is. So what's the mission brief and where do we need to be?

- Grey

<Unavailable for comment>

- Lex
According to Mr. Frame, you are to meet him at a specified location somewhere in Electown. He has provided you with an address of said location and will brief you on the mission provided when you have arrived at the venue specified.

Thank you for your cooperation.


(Attached: ETAddress - An address to an apartment in Electown)