Seeking SP for Band Member

Hello there. My name is Leo Umi and my Navi is Bard.EXE. We are seeking a Support program mission, and we believe ourselfs to be a well off team. We are willing to take a team mission if you have one as well.

-Leo Umi

I want a new band member!

-Bard.exe (Bard is currently dancing happily)

{{Waiting for Wolfman to join in this, should only be a two person bust.}}
Hello. My name is Victor Ulric. My Navi and I shall be cooperating with Mr. Umi for this operation. I suppose I would be interested in a support program as well.

- Victor Ulric
It's rare to see two navis signing up for the same mission, but this is just what we need.

We require your assistance in transporting important data across the harsh area of Sharo. It will be harsh mission, but you will be assisted by Netpolice officers and provided effective weapons for you to use. We cannot say anything further than right now, but if you are to finish this mission without too much trouble, you will be rewarded with the SPBase.dat.

Sounds ok to me. Bard and I will accept this mission. Must be pretty important if we are being provided weapons and escorts to finish it fully. We are ready for a mission however, and I knew theses missions wouldn't be easy.

-Leo Umi

Sharo is going to be so cold...

This sounds acceptable. I shall send my Navi to rendezvous immediately. Hm, the unique hazards of Sharo Net could provide me with an interesting take on my experiments. Yes...This should be very rewarding indeed.

- Victor Ulric
The data was successfully transported. Not knowing what else to say here really, I would enjoy my reward for the delivery.

-Leo Umi

-Bard.EXE is in standby mode
Yes. We had a few difficulties, but everything worked out in the end. This was a success.

- Victor
We have confirmation that the data was safely delivered, all thanks to your efforts. The requested item will be attached along with this message. Good luck, and have fun.



  • SPBase.DAT x2
Thank you!

-Leo Umi

-Bard.EXE is in standby

Ah, an SPBase. This shall be a grand opportunity, indeed. Thank you.

- Victor

[Download: SPBase.DAT]