General Mission Request

Hello, my name is Zeo Yamikagi, and I'm the operator of ViralMan. I'd like to request a general mission for chips or zenny. While regular virus busting has its advantages, it's become a bit monotonous. Besides, this is likely to help more people, I hope. Any mission would be appreciated, and we'll be able to get right on it.

Thanks for your time.

-Zeo Yamikagi
Mr. Yamikagi,

It would seem that you are in luck. It just so happens that a request for aid has just been received and your Navi seems like he would fit the bill. An associate has requested an escort through sections of Yumland Net. If you accept the mission, you shall be given a beacon for her to locate you when you enter Yumland Net. The client will give you the particulars of your duties when you arrive. You may negotiate your payment with her once you arrive. Does this sound satisfactory?

It's perfect, thanks. Once I receive the beacon I'll send my Navi straight to Yumland Net.

-Zeo Yamikagi
Good. I'm sure she'll be glad of your assistance. I have attached the beacon. Once the mission is accomplished, please report back. The client has stated that she will send us the agreed upon payment to then transfer to you.


Attached: D. Beacon
Mission completed. The client was successfully escorted to the destination. We ran into a bit of trouble on the way, but nothing major.

-Zeo Yamikagi

'Nothing major', he says. We got through it, at least. We never did agree on a reward, but the client said her operator would send one. It doesn't matter much, honestly.

((Just pretend))

It is good to hear that everything went well. The client's research is very important and it would be a shame if something were to disrupt it. The client did forward payment for your services. We would like to thank you for your aid and invite you to remember the GNA if you feel like accepting another job.


[Attached: 3,000z]