SP Mission Request

((From here))


My name is Rass.EXE, and I am interested in pursuing an SP mission on behalf of my operator, Suien Matsumoto. Although my fighting index rests at a modest level 16, I believe that my peerless tactical aptitude and m
y totally badass melee subroutines and my SUPREMELY HIGH-POWERED TARGETING SYSTEM will likely be able to handle most challenges. One way or another, we are up to the task and are looking to endeavor for the benefit of the greater networked society. We also want that awesome SP thing! It sounds really awesome! ...and by awesome, I mean very intriguing, but ultimately a peripheral concern of ours. Regardless, please contact us at your earliest convenience as to the availability of any SP missions.

Best regards,

Thank you for your interest, Navigator Rass.EXE.

It just so happens that we do have a high-priority mission for you today. A military facility has called from Sharo, requesting urgent help regarding some dangerous infections in a few of their experimental servers. They specifically requested help with high capabilities, and after some negotiations, have agreed to provide the person that would be willing to help them with a Support Program base file.

Please respond posthaste if you are to accept this mission.


((Moderator: Fera))
Ah... this is certainly awkward. While I'm not entirely sure as to the details of what exactly an SP is, I'd be happy to assist in any way possible. Please direct us to the appropriate location, and we will begin the objectives immediately.

Suien Matsumoto
Thank you for responding, Mr. Matsumoto. We will now transfer the location of the facility in Sharo to you. Godspeed.


[Attached: Hr-Sharo.CDN]

((The file is the coordinates to a facility located in Sharo.))
Hey GNA-types,

Just wanted to let you know that the infection has been resolved to the client's satisfaction and the experimental servers appear to be operating within expected parameters.

-Suien Matsumoto
The client has informed us that their request has been fulfilled successfully. Please accept the initial allotted compensation, as well as an extra gift from the client.


[Attached: Support Program Core, 15000z, Contact Data: "Ezarith E."]