Step on up!

Hey all you live wires out there, I got a happenin' dance routine I put together for a disco contest I was all primed and ready to enter, but I got a major problem!

I'm thinkin' some fat-cat who's way outta whack caught wind of my dance moves, and set me up for a fall! Some weirdo viruses stole my routine, and now I ain't got nothin' to practice with!

So if one of you jive turkeys wants to hook me up with some help, I'll hook you up with some disco gear that'll make your navi outta-sight!

[Mission Details]
Difficulty: **** (Out of 5)
Mod: Twi
Networks: All
Rewards: Some gro~ovy disco gear!
Minimum Level: 12
We could use some new gear... And I'm kinda bored. This should be... entertaining. *chuckle*

- Sieg

((the hell is up with this freaky accent?))

So someone stole your special techniques that you created for some contest or something? If you can't keep them for yourself, you don't deserve them! This should be a good lesson for you... but eh, I'm bored as well.

We are taking this mission.

- Valkyrie.exe
Alright, alright, that's outta sight! Now, I've had my happenin' dude of a navi-gator trackin' these viruses down all day, and while he's gotten some of my grooooovy routine back, there's still pieces out there and the little dude needs a rest.

The trick to these freaky dudes is once you get one, he'll slap a happenin' cat the way to his brothas. Seein's how my cool buddy here's been knockin' em left to right, I can hit you with this mondo cool way to find 'em!

Thanks again, brothah and sistah! What you're doin' for me is Groovy!

<<Attached: Trans.bat>>

((Upon opening the file, a link appears in Sieg's PET; on the other side is Netopia net...))