Seeking Mission!

So, I've read that you guys give out missions to Navi-Op pairs, and I was hoping we could get in on the action. We're both fairly new to busting, and my op's still a bit insecure. We're just looking for a fairly basic thing that'll let him get more confidant, but chips or Zenny are always nice!


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((Bump? Hope this is allowed. :B ))

...nothing? We're currently at the Scilabs, so if you've got any jobs there, now's a great time. It might be a bit, since my Op's occupied with... classwork, or something, but they should be done in a bit. Otherwise, we'll be heading back to ACDC Town soon.


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Excuse us for such late response, but we are happy to tell you that we have a mission prepared for you.

With in the Beach Network, we have multiple eye witness of a strange virus lurking with in the ground shore. Of course, we sent in a viral expert to access the situation, but he wasn't able to get any type of information about it. We suspect that the rumor might be fake, but having a blind eye towards a potential threat isn't what we are made for.

Your mission is to go to the beach net to find what ever information you can find about the virus. You may ask a fellow navi in the area or tread across the net to find a clue your self. With the completion of the mission, you will be rewarded with zennies. Do you accept?


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Ah... yes, we'll accept the mission. Thank you.


I'm sure you guys have a lot to do, so don't worry about the wait. We'll find out what's haunting your beach, no problem!